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    Kevin McCallister
    "This is my house. I have to defend it."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Inventive Kid-Hero
    Age: 8 (Home Alone)
    10 (Home Alone 2)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Macaulay Culkin
    Mike Weinberg (Home Alone 4)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Home Alone (franchise)

    Kevin McCallister is the main protagonist of the 1990 Christmas comedy film Home Alone and its 1992 sequel Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

    Why He's Not All Alone

    1. He is such a iconic protagonist, he's one of John Hughes' most memorable characters for creating a inspiration for kids to learn how to be prepared for any situation, and it's a joy for anyone to see how resourceful he is despite being a kid who's all alone on his own.
    2. He is a very likable and relatable protagonist, especially since he seeks to find peace with his abrasively mean-spirited siblings, and is always to learn from his mistakes with getting into a fight and a argument.
    3. Unlike the rest of his family, he is rather kindhearted and sensible. Especially since he was the only kid to give advice to Old Man Marley on how to get along and bond with his daughter with some fairly good advice like giving her presents and spending more time with her when he can, and he was always thinking on his feet when he had to defend his home from Harry and Marv.
    4. He proves multiple times how mature and responsible he is, especially when he bought groceries on his own, fixed the whole house on his own, and didn't care about being praised for it, he only cared to see his family again.
    5. He is extremely wise beyond his years for the most part, as every decision he made was out of only trying to survive on his own with some palaple level in pragmatism and strategy, and even by that, in both movieis he shows to have a great lateral-thinking capacity from being at home, and even living in a hotel in New York with nothing but his parents' credit card, which shows how astute he genuinely is.
    6. Character development: While this is understandable and fairly justified because none of his family members respect him, he is fed up with them and wishes that he will never see them again for the rest of his life. After being left behind, he enjoys his freedom and being alone at first, only to realize how lonely it felt to him and to acknowledge that he didn't appreciate his family.
    7. He has several funny moments, especially the moment he applied cream on his face to make his iconic hilarious sounding yell, and the ways he called Harry and Marv "morons" and a "bunch of idiots" is pretty darn funny to hear from a kid who knows how to trick his enemies without fail.
    8. He is very creative, strategic and intelligent for a kid like him, as he developed several elaborate traps to outsmart and defeat Harry and Marv on his very own, which is very impressive and talented, especially for someone his age (where most kids are helpless and naive, Kevin stands out for being gifted and intuitive without anyone's help).
    9. Macaulay Culkin does an excellent job portraying him in both films (especially as a kid actor), giving him a likable personality for the audience to root for him and find him a joy to watch.

    Alone Qualities

    1. Although this is understandable for someone his age, he can be extremely mischievous and rebellious, especially when he shoplifted one time, ran away from a officer, scared hotel employees and got a duo of burglars into countless mishaps (even throwing bricks at Marv in the second film).
    2. Given that he is still a kid, and despite his talents, he can lack some common sense in both films like kids usually do.
    3. Even though he is the protagonist, some of his traps against Harry and Marv in both films, especially the second film, can reach cartoonish levels of cruelty and showing how painfully lucky he can be (such as throwing four bricks at Marv for the fun of it), which can make his antics can get mean-spirited and over the top at times.
    4. Sadly, while remaining a likable character in Home Alone: Taking Back the House, he becomes a punching bag, as he gets tormented horribly by Buzz and Megan while being treated as a butt-monkey by his father and Natalie. Not only that, but he also loses his personality from the first two films as he turns from a mischievous but still likable character into a bland character and doesn't live up to the spirit of his original character. Furthermore, he isn't portrayed by Macaulay Culkin, but instead by Mike Weinberg, who lacks the charm that Culkin had in the first two films.



    • Macaulay Culkin reprised his role as an adult Kevin from 2015 to 2017 in the web series :DRYVRS and in 2018 for a Google Assistant video.
      • In response to the first episode of :DRYVRS, Daniel Stern posted a video to his Facebook and YouTube channel in which he portrayed an older Marv who was absolutely horrified after seeing the video.


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