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    Kat & Ana
    Kat (left) & Ana (Right)
    Gender: Female (Both)
    Type: Admirable Ninja sisters
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Humans
    Portrayed by: Unknown
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: WarioWare

    Kat & Ana are two human characters from the WarioWare franchise.


    WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!

    The story of their mix was Ana tried to save a prince/princess and got captured. She called on Kat who came to help. After the microgame mix Kat saved both of them from the evil monster and returned to her village.

    WarioWare: Mega Party MicroGame$

    Kat and Ana's multiplayer mode is Wobbly Bobbly.

    Also Stealth Turtles is the song that plays.

    WarioWare: Twisted!

    Kat and Ana went on a field trip with their class on Diamond Knoll. Shadow the Dog and Shuriken the Falcon came too. Ana stopped to get a flower while Kat kept walking. Ana ran after Kat to show her the flower. However Kat hit a beehive with a stick when Ana arrived. The bees got angry and the sisters tried to escape.

    However they were not alone they encountered the Diamond Troll. They fought back against the troll. But shortly before they could attack, Shadow and Shuriken crashed into the cabin and hit the ceiling. They fell on the Troll and all three were knocked out. Kat and Ana were speechless.

    They decided to go in the cabin but the swarm of bees were there. So all four of them Kat, Ana, Shadow and Shuriken run off into the sunset.

    WarioWare: Touched!

    Ana wanted a snack but someone stole her bananas so she called Kat and the two of them went through the woods to catch the crook.

    During the mix, there are four bunches of bananas as a lifeline. Complete one of the microgames and the sisters will become excited to see who the crook is. If you didn't finish the game or get a wrong answer, Kat and Ana will burst into tears. that's when one of the bananas falls off.

    After the Microgame Mix, they found out a monkey took their bananas they forgave the monkey and kept as a pet and named him, Numchuck.

    WarioWare: Smooth Moves

    A monster came to Diamond Dojo looking for his son. He then attacked everyone, then Kat and Ana showed up.

    After the Microgame Mix they attacked the monster but his son told the monster to stop fighting. In the next scene the Monster was walking away with his son in his hand but when Kat saw his son on the Dojo, she soon realized that it was the wrong son and it was actually Ana, leaving behind drops of tears when crying for help.

    WarioWare: Snapped!

    Kat and Ana take control of the 2 player rollercoaster.

    WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase

    Kat and Ana will just skydive.

    Game & Wario

    Kat and Ana's minigame is Patchwork.

    WarioWare Gold

    In the intro, Kat and Ana are seen in front of Diamond City Castle. They talk about getting a ninja learner's permits. The camera then cuts to an old woman. Ana asks if Kat was sure she was a real ninja, but Kat says that true ninjas never look like ninjas. Kat then says to pass, they have to eat everything the woman serves. They ask what ninjas eat, then daydream about those foods. Kat then stops daydreaming, saying that they would be late for the test. Their stage then begins.

    However, in each of these games, when ever they talk, that always do it simultaneously as a running gag.

    Why They're REAL Ninjas

    1. Their designs look amazing as if they look better than Dilweed & Fungus.
    2. Their names look admirable as if they look better than Fanboy & Chum-Chum. Due to Fanboy & Chum-Chum having a lot of unoriginal names.
    3. Some of their skills do be Ninjas look impressive to see as if they are better than Peppa and George from Peppa Pig.
    4. Very Incredible Behaviours: In WarioWare Gold, they look very adorable when they wanted a lot of japanese food.
    5. Despite them looking awful, they can also look very cute as Abby and True.
    6. The clothes they wear look like a big inspiration to other twin characters.

    Bad Qualities

    1. In WarioWare Gold, they got a bad addiction with food at their intro.
    2. Ana can be a huge crybaby in WarioWare Smooth Moves.


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