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    Juggernaut (Deadpool 2)

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    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Gratuitous violence and swearing.

    Let's F**k Some S**t Up.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Super strong and nigh-unstoppable mutant
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Ryan Reynolds.
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Deadpool 2

    Juggernaut is the secondary antagonist of the 2018 superhero black comedy film Deadpool 2. He was motion captured by David Leitch and voiced by Ryan Reynolds.

    Why You Can’t Stop Him

    1. Compared to X-Men: The Last Stand, this version of the Juggernaut is a lot more faithful to the comics.
    2. His leitmotif is both hardcore and really funny given that he appears in a Deadpool movie.
    3. Ryan Reynolds did a great job voicing him.
    4. He goes along with Russell's revenge plans who helped free him from prison.
    5. He destroys a large bridge with a shockwave of a simple punch, and then rips Deadpool in half like it's nothing, living up to his name, Juggernaut.
    6. His fight scene with Colossus is memorable.
    7. He is a politically incorrect villain done right as he calls Colossus a “commie”.
    8. He had some pretty funny quotes, like "I'm gonna rip you in half now".

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. The Juggernaut doesn’t have a bronze helmet like in the comics. It is justified that he was imprisoned.


    • Before Tim Miller left Deadpool 2, he planned to have the Juggernaut fight off against Fant4stic’s the Thing.
    • His vocal efforts were provided by Richard Epcar even though he was credited under ADR.
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