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    Judy Hopps
    "Tomorrow's another day..."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Egalitarian Official
    Age: 24
    Species: Rabbit
    Portrayed by: Ginnifer Goodwin
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Zootopia

    Officer Judith Laverne "Judy" Hopps is the main protagonist of the animated feature film Zootopia. She is the daughter of Bonnie and Stu Hopps and is a member of the Hopps family.

    Why She doesn't know when to quit

    1. She broke the stereotypes of her universe by being the first bunny to join Zootopia's police department.
    2. She is optimistic and independent.
    3. She has a large heart, but she knows how to keep her emotions under control. However, she knows how to deeply express her emotions openly as well.
    4. She has a depressing backstory for being bullied just for being a bunny, which gave her some depth.
    5. She believes in making an effort to reach your goals, regardless of what's stopping you.
    6. Despite being just a "dumb bunny", she is very intelligent, as she was able to outsmart Nick Wilde many times.
    7. At first, she didn't get along with Nick due to their differences, as Judy is an enthusiastic and idealistic police bunny, while Nick is a cynical and snarky con artist fox. Once they get past their differences, they become surprisingly good friends.
    8. She carries out the belief that predators and prey should be both treated equally by everyone.
    9. She and Nick both trick Dawn Bellwether into confessing that she was behind the predator attacks that leaves Zootopia heavily divided and gets her arrested by the ZPD.
    10. Judy received a lot of character development throughout the film. She turned into a mature, practical, progressive individual. She discovered the downside of having an idealistic mindset to carry through life, and she learned that the world is a pretty messed up place filled with prejudice. Nevertheless, she still carries out her motto "anyone can be anything".
    11. As a bunny, she's got adorable covered and during her training montage at the police academy it is shown that she developed the agility and skill to take down a rhino in the boxing ring. Her strength is also impressive as she is shown clinging to the Sky Tram platform with one paw and able to hold onto Nick's paw while swinging on a vine despite his larger size.
    12. Ginnifer Goodwin did a great job voicing her, espieclly when she delivers an exceptionally emotional vocal performance during her apology to Nick (thus rekindling their friendship).
    13. She's one of two 2016 Disney female protagonists, the other being Moana.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Despite her motives, she is unintentionally prejudicial herself, as she secretly has a fear of predators, especially foxes, which is why she kept fox repellent on her, which offended Nick. However, this isn't entirely her fault, as she comes from a past of prejudicial bullying.
    2. Her comments at the press conference about predators "reverting back to their savage ways" ends up causing historical predator/prey tensions to rise to the surface causing civil unrest, and Nick is left feeling hurt and betrayed leading to their friendship ending.
    3. The way she carried out her first case as an officer was rather controversial.
    4. She was sometimes overzealous and impulsive.


    • Judy's last name, Hopps, is a play on the word "hop", given the fact that rabbits hop.
    • Judy's nose twitches whenever she is nervous or scared.
    • When recording Judy's apology to Nick, Ginnifer Goodwin was actually in tears.
    • Judy's ears often droop when she's sad, depressed, worried or feeling sentimental, among other occasions.


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