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    Juanin Juan Harry
    "Tulio, Estamos al aire (Tulio, we're on the air: English translated)" -Juanin's famous quotr.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Funny and Popular internet memed puppet
    Age: 43
    Species: Puppet
    Portrayed by: Rodrigo Salinas
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 31 Minutos

    Juanin Juan Harry is a secondary character from the 2003 Chilean Puppet TV Series 31 Minutos (Or English Translated: 31 Minutes).

    Porque El Es Genial (Why He Rocks)

    1. His design looks very impressive to look at, depending to your view.
    2. His voice sounds very awesome and creative.
    3. "Tulio, Estamos al aire" Which is his famous quote, it sounds very funny that it became an internet meme.
    4. He can always be very funny in some episodes:
      • In the episode "Jack Patata", he said a good joke about a giant dinosaur roaring.
      • In the episode "Bebé Monstruo", he singed like his other friends, Tío Horacio's famous baby song about calming babies.
      • In the episode "El Video", he was running inside the recorders stage to make everything fun.
      • And many more....
    5. He gives people very good examples to make everyone have better lifes.
    6. He treats his fellow cast members like friends.
    7. The memes about his famous quote mentiones in WIR#3 we're so hilarious to see.
    8. He can easilly turn on every program stage in each episode when he always said his famous quote.

    La Unica Mala Cualidad (The Only Bad Quality)

    1. His voice sounds very annoying in the 4th season.



    • His audiphones we're the same ones as the builders from the Santiago city from Chile.


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