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    Johnny Bravo
    "Woah Momma!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Hilarious Egomaniac
    Age: 20s
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Jeff Bennett
    Neil Kaplan (Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Johnny Bravo

    Johnny B. Bravo is the titular main protagonist of the series with the same name. His middle name was rumored to be Bacon. His shallow, boorish, ill-mannered, and dim-witted traits lead to a severely incorrigible inability to attract women despite his good looks, as well as getting him beaten up by several groups of people, becoming a running gag throughout the series.

    Why He Gets Us To Do The Boogie With Him

    1. A lot of his one-liners are both memorable, quotable, entertaining, and extremely fun to listen to. Such as "Do the Boogie with Me! C'mon!", "Yeah whatever.", "Man I'm pretty!", "Why do I have to get stuck with jug head?", and "Mama warned me about women like you. I hoped she was right!".
    2. His design is not only iconic and good-looking but also timeless and fashionable at the same time.
    3. With this in mind, he is greatly animated (especially how graceful his movements are).
    4. Jeff Bennett does a brilliant job at voicing him, giving him an awesome-sounding "Elvis" voice.
    5. He may seem like a shallow and egotistical moron at first glance, but he has a heart of gold towards his mother and can be good-natured as well.
    6. For as much of a himbo as he normally is, his idiocy is done hilariously and entertainingly.
      • Although he is often misjudged as an absolute moron towards those he encounters, while that is generally true, he can still show signs of intelligence and common sense on several occasions.
    7. For all of his stupidity, narcissism, clumsiness, and self-obsession, he has shown to be considerate and helpful from time to time with those he knows or doesn't even know, making him out to be heroic when he has to be.
    8. Much like Foghorn Leghorn, he is a great example of making an obnoxious character actually funny, likable, and well-written with a level of charm.
      • He is a very well-written Casanova-Wannabe who happens to have a humorous and likable side to him, which is supported by his smooth-talking one-liners, his arrogant/cheeky sense of humor, his quick movements when he does poses and the smug bravado he carries that makes him charismatic and rather hilarious to watch, and he always carries an overconfident attitude to him within any situation so he can act cool, calm and collected, and he still manages to keep his cool even after messing up or going through a bad experience.
    9. Like many durable characters of fiction, he serves as a constant reminder for all of us to be brave, keep searching, hold family close, and never give up no matter how great the odds are against you; in which shows when trying to do his best in most shorts where he was incredibly unlucky when it comes to helping others or his goal with finding a love-interest being backfired continuously for something more essential to the plot of an episode he's involved in.
    10. He does have a good friendship with Little Suzy, where Suzzy is just a young girl and Johnny's neighbor who follows Johnny a lot, has a crush on him, and whom Johnny finds to be an "annoying little girl". Despite this, Suzzy sticks around with Johnny since she finds him to be "fun to be around" as a chaperone of hers, and she often gives Johnny helpful advice and easy ways to solve his problems.
      • The dynamic here is that Suzy is a sweet-talking child who considers him to be a close friend and uses Johnny's overwhelming interest in women to persuade him to do something she wants, which has Johnny refusing to take her seriously or doing something completely different from what she intended, taking the matter into his own hands, and typically ends up being what Suzy asked for.
      • As a matter of fact, when Johnny tells Suzy the Tooth Fairy is not real in the episode "Tooth Or Consequences", Johnny sheds a tear upon seeing her miserable and tries to cheer her up by dressing as the tooth fairy (whom he claimed wasn't real) and granting her wishes, and did anything Suzy asked despite her taking full advantage of the situation.
    11. Speaking of chemistry, he and Velma have a compellingly funny interaction with each other in the episode "Bravo Dooby-Doo", where Velma has an evident crush on Johnny Bravo and despite Johnny having the hots for Daphne, the ways Johnny and Velma find each other in similar situations (ex. their glasses being dropped) is very entertaining to watch.
    12. Similar To Beavis and Butt-head, he tends to be obsessed with women, and despite being a bit of a pervert sometimes, the way he flirts with women and the many ways he backfires at wooing the ladies is very hilarious and entertaining to watch.
      • Speaking of which, despite being a flirtatious schlemiel towards women, there were a fair amount of times when he did achieve at attracting the ladies, even if it was occasional. Especially episodes like "Jailhouse Blues", where he managed to get many gals flooding to John with love and admiration (Johnny here acts as a charmer and plays it cool the whole time), and the episode "It's Valentine's Day, Johnny Bravo!", where Johnny gets himself a blind date with Heather Asplund (a redhead who's very similar to Johnny himself) and Johnny gets smothered with love by Heather despite her being a spy agent, they even get to have a playful date with each other as well!
    13. Even though his whole shtick is catcalling, hitting on women and continually failing at attracting the ladies into dating him, Johnny does learn a life lesson in the episode "Witch-ay-Woman", based entirely on the premise of showcasing the dark sides of catcalling and treating women like love objects, which remains as a conflict Johnny gets to learn and empathize with women for the first time. In this episode, Johnny understands the idea of what it is like to be a woman when he switches genders, goes through the experience of a beautiful woman being hit on by several horny men in public, and learns how to treat them as people instead of just beauty. Which made him a whole lot more likable than usual.

    Bad Qualities

    1. While his fallible ego and idiocy was always played for laughs, he has become more of a manchild in Seasons 2 to 3 (regardless if his stupidity comes off as a little funny or outright unfunny). This was thankfully redeemable in the last season where he went back to his personality in Season 1 (A bit like Ed from Ed Edd N, Eddy with the Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show movie).
    2. He is often the show's punching bag, whether if he deserved it or if it was rather unwarranted.


    • His line "I like pie!" (in Polish "Lubię placki!") became a popular meme in Poland.



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