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    Joey, Marky and Dee Dee (Oggy and the Cockroaches, seasons 1-4, 6 and 7)

    The Cockroaches/Dee Dee, Marky, and Joey (Oggy and the Cockroaches (Seasons 1-4, 6-present)
    Marky, Joey and Dee Dee.png
    Dee Dee: "Uh?"
    Joey: "Sweaw bell!"
    Marky: "Yeah, muah muah!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Humorous Trio of Loony Troublemakers
    Age: Joey: 21 years old
    Dee Dee and Marky: unknown
    Species: Cockroaches
    Portrayed by: Hugues Le Bars (sped up and high pitched voice samples)"
    "Michel Elias (Dee Dee in "Chatter box")
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Oggy and the Cockroaches

    Joey, Marky and Dee Dee are the main antagonists, comic reliefs and one of the four titular characters of the longest-running Xilam series, Oggy and the Cockroaches.

    Why They're Ugly, Dirty But Lovable


    1. They, along with Oggy, represent the show's awesome rivalry like some other cartoons. But instead of one against one, it's three against one!
    2. Thanks to their colorful, cartoony-ish, and wacky designs, in spite of them being regarded as hideous in their world, they look funny, and cute and represent a nice opposite with an anthropomorphic and pointy look to Oggy's feline and soft design.
      • In fact, they seemed to be designed after The Three Stooges. Where Joey resembles Moe Stooge, Marky resembles Larry Stooge, and Dee Dee is especially Curly Stooge.
    3. They have different personalities.
      • Dee Dee the fiercely pudgy orange and purple cockroach who serves as the group's comic relief who wolfs down almost everything he can eat or consume, no matter what it leads him to, including unedible objects.
      • Marky the tall thin green and grey cockroach is a charismatic Casanova, as well as sometimes the goon of the gang who helps Joe with anything as a right-hand at points, no matter what happens.
      • Joey the tiny small purple and pink cockroach, is the brains of the trio who always has the plan to annoy Oggy and Jack.
    4. Their iconic laugh was provided by Hugues Le Bars.
    5. They provided funny slapstick moments in the show, in fact, Oggy without them would get bored.
    6. The chemistry between them and Oggy is always heart-warming to watch, especially in episodes like "So lonely", "Priceless Roaches" and "Moving Out".
    7. Every single member has a specific move set in spite of looking and acting the same in some episodes: Dee Dee usually hops while overly excited as he is mostly cheerful and hyperactive, Marky is more noodly and wavy because of being lanky and sometimes careless, and both of them in some instances move clumsily, Joey instead when he is not in a good mood or when he is reflecting, he moves slow and stiff, but while operating in his plans, he can be sneaky.
    8. Like Jerry, They aren't always portrayed as antagonists, the episode "Mission Oggy" is an example.
    9. Surprisingly, since they are insects, they show off rarely their dirty characteristics such as bad breath or acid sweat.
      • And when they do, they are not as annoying as other comic relief characters, and, like the show itself, they manage to handle toilet gags without being completely crass and undignified.
    10. Speaking of which, they could have started the legacy of comic-relief characters which involve the Minions.
    11. They made cameos in The Daltons, Go West! A Lucky Luke Adventure, and even Space Goofs!
      • In fact, Space Goofs is actually their first appearance since Oggy and the Cockroaches wasn't created yet.

    Dee Dee

    1. His goofy and hyperactive nature makes him the funniest of the Cockroaches, and probably the most versatile in terms of humor.
    2. The whole concept of his character is clever, as he is a small-sized cockroach but with a gargantuan appetite, some examples of his gluttony can be seen in "Globulopolis", "Happy campers" "Safari so good", "Horse ride" and the short ending in "Termite-ator".
      • Even when he was dead in "The Ghost Hunter", he levitated the fridge!
    3. He's the bravest of the trio, as he is mostly seen facing bigger animals such as an octopus or a horse.
    4. He's shown to have moments of cleverness, one example of this is when Joey is in danger and he has to elaborate a savior plan.
    5. He is most likely to be the nicest of the bunch, as he is the one whose aim is just getting stuffed (although in some cases, his appetite can be crucial for both Oggy and his friends), and the most sensitive, since, even in later seasons, he cares a lot for his friends and for animals (whether he wants to eat them or not) similar to Oggy.
    6. Despite being slightly pudgier than his friends, he is a bit fast-moving and agile like the others and most probably the toughest strength-wise. Not to mention he provides some fun chase and battle sequences throughout the show as well, with "The lottery ticket" being a perfect episode of this.
    7. Sometimes he uses his long tongue as an arm while picking up food or pulling levers, which is pretty creative.


    1. Depending on your point of view, his design is the most detailed out of all the cockroaches, which truly stands out.
    2. He is determined to follow and satisfy his fellows, in "Caviar in the house" in order to get their attention, he steals a caviar box.
    3. His relationship with Dee Dee is entertaining to watch,
    4. Pretty much like Tom and Goofy, he can be pretty clumsy and näif, but in a genuine and hilarious way, for instance when he unintentionally knocks over the other cockroaches.
    5. He may look like a whack-a-doodle, but he is very talented at hijacking, drawing, playing the ukulele, and, of course, impressing women.
    6. He can get pretty cute when he hugs plushies and a doll in "Baby doll".
    7. He is the peacemaker of the family, in "Beach combers" for example he wants Dee Dee and Joey to make up with each other.


    1. He is considered the fan-favorite Cockroach of the series.
    2. He is also the biggest personality of them all, he's a schemer, gold-digger, badass, and sometimes heart-warming despite being the rudest cockroach.
    3. He is very smart and knows how to annoy Oggy. Since he is the schemer he is responsible for the wackiest slapstick our blue big cat goes through.
    4. His relationship with Oggy when he gets amnesia in "Ugly, Dirty and Good" is touching, heart-warming and memorable for both the audience and Joey, in fact, even after being back to his old self again, he still likes Oggy a little.
    5. He is sometimes seen combing his antennas, which might indicate how caring for his appearance he actually is.
    6. Like Marky, Joey can be very heart-warming with women, as seen in "VIP party" and "Honeymoon".
    7. Compared to the others, he is very determined and he would do everything in order to reach his goals.
    8. His stealthy movements are pretty satisfying to watch.
    9. In Season 4 most of his misdeeds are justified, A Jealous Guy is an example.

    Intentional Bad Qualities

    1. They were badly flanderized during Season 5
      • They were flanderized in season 4 as well, but considering the fact that they retained most of their charm, they had a major downgrade in terms of screen-time. It's only the fact that they were only punching bags which were very common during that season.
    2. Some may say that they are rip-offs of Jerry Mouse, due to annoying Oggy, and at the same time rip-offs of respectively Gorgious, Bud, and Etno from Space Goofs, since they do share some similar personality traits.
    3. For some reason, they have endoskeletons as opposed to exoskeletons. Also, their design reminds more of mosquitos than actual cockroaches.
    4. They were at their worst in "Occupied!", "Seven minutes and Counting" and "Just Married!". In the respective episodes, they didn't let Oggy in the bathroom while he needed it, they almost caused Oggy to die from snake venom and they made Jack and his bride break up. He can also be unlikable when they start getting into fights.



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