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    Jimmy Neutron
    "Gotta blast!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Prideful Kid Genius
    Age: 10
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Debi Derryberry
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
    The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

    James "Jimmy" Isaac Neutron is the main protagonist of the Jimmy Neutron franchise. He is the leader of Team Neutron and Cindy's male counterpart and boyfriend.

    Jimmy is a genius inventor, but his inventions often cause trouble and it is usually up to him and his friends to stop them. He lives in Retroville with his robot dog, Goddard and his parents Hugh and Judy Neutron.

    Why He Is A Boy Genius

    1. Much like SpongeBob SquarePants, Jimmy Neutron is one of Nickelodeon's most iconic cartoon characters.
      • In fact, he used to take SpongeBob's place as the studio's mascot until the show ended.
    2. Similar to Dexter, Jimmy has an impossible I.Q. of 210, making him the smartest Retroville citizen and quite possibly one of the few smartest individuals in the whole world. He specializes in many sciences such as quantum physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, robotics, engineering, and astronomy. In a number of episodes, his classmates are annoyed and angered because Jimmy's brilliance renders trying to win science projects and competitions things pointless. In fact, Jimmy has been banned from the science fair for life to give normal kids an actual chance. His brain, a source of constant comment, allows him to invent devices that accomplish even the impossible. That might seem like a gift to most people, but to Jimmy, it often causes him trouble.
    3. Jimmy designs his wild inventions to help him deal with bothersome chores, play tricks on people, and gets very curious when there's something unusual happening. However, the inventions tend to have a flaw (usually caused by an obvious oversight) and his curiosity can take over him, which results in a catastrophe that only he can solve. He's rarely ever thanked however as people usually know the problem was his fault in the first place and is highly considered a menace by everyone. The whole point of this is to show us that while Jimmy is a genius, he's still a kid and acts his age.
    4. In the moment of crisis, he will urge his brain by saying, "Think, think, think!", whereupon the viewer enters Jimmy's ear and goes into his brain to observe its inner workings as well, as to relive a scene from the early part of the episode. Jimmy will then shout, "Brain Blast!", and arrive at the solution for whatever danger he has landed himself, his friends, or his town in. In the movie, he does not say "Think, think, think!" or "Brain Blast!" out loud, but says them in his mind. In the third season, he seems to stop brain blasting and comes up with ideas right away, with the exception being "Fundemonium".
    5. Jimmy is quite charming when he least tries to be, such as at the party that he lets Sheen throw in his parents' absence in an early episode. He cares deeply for his friends, parents, and Goddard. It shows that Jimmy's intelligence is not inherited from his father, but he took it from his mother, conversely from his father Hugh, who is a duck-obsessed adult.
    6. Sometimes though, it is hinted that Jimmy may, deep down, be insecure about being super smart, as he is constantly bullied because of it, nobody likes him, and he causes problems for everyone, as indicated by his statements in Normal Boy. He is also shown to be insecure about his small stature and loses his temper when he's mocked or reminded of it. He is also hinted to be lonely a few times.
    7. Jimmy can show signs of humility and actually takes responsibility for his actions. A perfect example would be in the movie when he realizes that the parents getting abducted was his fault and his friends become bitter towards him. In his own separate cell, Jimmy starts crying, not just out of remorse, but also out of his own insecurities.
    8. While Jimmy makes his share of bad judgment calls, he usually functions as a straight man to the rest of the citizens of Retroville, especially when an enemy is involved.
    9. He highly values his friendship with Carl and Sheen.
    10. He has his comedic moments, especially when he argues with Cindy Vortex.
    11. Debi Derryberry did a spectacular job voicing him.
    12. "What part of 'girls stay behind the yellow line' DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!" - The League of Villains

    Bad Qualities

    1. He can sometimes be arrogant, selfish, irresponsible, overconfident and a know-it-all. Jimmy is shown to be quite irritable and impatient around most people, mostly his friends and sometimes treats them like underlings. He can be friendly, but can come off as a smart-aleck and sometimes he can be unsympathetic to people's feelings. Sometimes, he makes up his own 6 scientific claims, which his friends think are a bunch of baloney.
    2. Jimmy is also shown to be lazy in several episodes and relies on his inventions to do even the simplest things for him (ex. hanging up his paints), which causes trouble for him and everyone around him.
    3. Jimmy also almost never learns from his mistakes and usually doesn't listen to his friends when they try to warn him about something in his plans. He enjoys being a hero, often taking a staunch stand against anyone he believes to be evil. He won't back down from his beliefs and he strongly believes in himself.
    4. He constantly screams "NO", which can get on that idiostpud bobby sttoganowski who wrote this sentence last nerve.
    5. In a few episodes, Jimmy is shown to be somewhat gullible and throughout the series, he loses his common sense and doesn't think his inventions and plans through. Despite all this, he nearly never learns from his mistakes and refuses to acknowledge them.



    • Jimmy's original name was Johnny Quasar and didn't have his large brown cowlick. They changed his name because it sounded too much like "Jonny Quest".


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