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    Jet Propulsion is the main character of the 2016 PBS Kids computer-animated educational children's television series Ready Jet Go!. He is an alien from Bortron 7 that is living on Earth with his parents for a travel assignment. He is the son of Carrot and Celery Propulsion and is voiced by Ashleigh Ball.

    Why He Rocks

    1. He is very kind-hearted and always means well.
    2. He is a competent leader of his group.
    3. He has a huge knowledge of space; he even knows the names of all of Jupiter's moons.
    4. He has a good dynamic with the rest of the cast, especially his pet Sunspot.
    5. He is a very good singer.
    6. Ashleigh Ball does a good job voicing him, just like Rainbow Dash and Applejack.
    7. He provides a lot of the comedy in the series, especially when he misunderstands Earth words.
    8. He is always optimistic and never gives up.
    9. He has great friendships with Mindy, Sean, and Sydney.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Sometimes, he can be an idiot, like in the episode "Mindy's Weather Report" where he thinks there's going to be a storm in Boxwood Terrace, and he doesn't listen to what Mindy says.
    2. His parents' names are pretty laughable. Who would want to name their children after vegetables?


    • Jet has an irrational hatred for ice cream.
    • He is named after the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
    • He and Sunspot are the only characters to appear in every episode.
    • He has the same voice actress as Rainbow Dash and Applejack.
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