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    Jenny Wakeman
    "The name's Jenny! I changed my name to Jenny! Remember?!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Teenage Robot Girl
    Age: 16 (mentally), 5 (physically)
    Species: Robot
    Portrayed by: Janice Hiromi Kawaye
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: My Life as a Teenage Robot
    First appearance: My Neighbor Was A Teenage Robot

    XJ-9, also and commonly known as Jennifer "Jenny" Wakeman, is the main heroine in My Life as a Teenage Robot. She is voiced by Janice Hiromi Kawaye.

    Why She's an Awesome Teenage Robot

    1. She is a very emotional character.
    2. She's very affectionate and friendly. She is kind towards Brad, Tuck, Sheldon, and her mother, Nora Wakeman.
    3. She is always animated well.
    4. Notably, she learns from her mistakes.
    5. She has an excellent, adorable and very attractive character design.
    6. The viewers can feel sympathy for her. Saving the world tires her out and she just wants to live a normal life like a teenage girl. She is also mistreated by the Crust cousins.
    7. Even though she can neglect her responsibilities in favor of her teenage stuffs and doesn't take them seriously enough, she still considers saving the world her duty, which is why she refused to join Cluster Prime. She is loyal and willing to protect the innocent.
    8. All she wants is to fit in with the group, be accepted, and be friends. And it's quite sweet to watch.
    9. Her happy and eccentric behavior is also endearing to watch, given her cheerful/bubbly and good-hearted personality. And since she's consistently mistreated by the people in Tremorton in most episodes, it's always nice to see our main character getting the happiness she deserved.
    10. Just like Ami Onuki, she is voiced very well by Janice Kawaye.
    11. She's a relatable teenager, especially to teenage girls.
    12. She has many cool and creative weapons and functions.
    13. She has language OS discs that make her speak other languages including Japanese, which was demonstrated in "Speak No Evil".
    14. Her old design in the pitch pilot, "My Neighbor Was a Teenage Robot", while somewhat creepy, is still passable nonetheless and to be fair, it was a pilot, she was still voiced well and she acted like a tolerable and relatable character there.
    15. She appears as a playable character in a few Nicktoons video games and has some good gameplay.

    Rusty Qualities

    1. She can do some pretty questionable things at times, and many of the mishaps that occur in the series are usually her fault and could have been prevented if she had just listened to the other characters.
    2. In Season 3, while not critical, she becomes noticeably a bit more jerky and out of character, especially when she never apologized to Sheldon for throwing him in space for many painful years (even though it was one day in Earth terms), and was mean to Melody that she flew away in tears. This can be a bit understandable in the second occasion since she was the daughter of her nemesis, but it's pointless to immediately judge somebody like that and Jenny herself also in this case never apologized for it.
    3. She has been treated as a severe butt-monkey in some episodes. Some characters, like the Crust cousins, are also very mean towards her.
    4. Like what WSAATR#12 says, her design in the pilot was somewhat creepy.
    5. Depending on your opinion, she can be a Mary Sue at times.


    • Jenny got some Internet infamy by appearing in a 2010 Newgrounds Rule 34 parody video by Zone-Sama called What What in the Robot that was inspired by the episode "Last Action Zero".
    • Janice Kawaye reprised her role in Nicktoons video games.


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