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    Jasmine (Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)

    "My cage fighting school/flower shop dream is still alive thanks to Shawn! He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Strong Australian girl
    Age: 16 (Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Katie Bergin
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Total Drama

    Jasmine is a contestant in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, who was one of the likable characters in the season, being a strong and smart Australian girl.

    Why She Rocks

    1. She’s one of the Pahkitew Island contestants that were actually likable.
    2. She’s a really strong girl, being the strongest out of all of the contestants this season, as she was able to knock down a tree and even lift a tree.
    3. She’s also very smart, coming up with strategies to get through challenges, whether it was with her team or after the merge.
    4. She stays calm most of the time, even when dealing with her more annoying teammates, which were Amy, Rodney, and Topher.
    5. Her friendship with Sammy is portrayed nicely and is one of the highlights of this season.
    6. Besides Sammy, she also got along with the other better members of her team, which were Scarlett, Max (before the swap), and Sky (after the swap and before she was flanderized), and managed to be a good friend with most of them, the only exception being Max, but she got used to their weirdness and work together with them.
    7. She likes to help in anyway she can to others, like how she helped Sammy forage for food, and how she gives advice to Sky to focus on helping her team and not focus on the enemy.
    8. She’s one of the good members of her team:
      • In episode 1, she helped her team build their shelter during the challenge.
      • In episode 2, she’s the one that ultimately won it for her team by getting her team’s pig over the greased wall very easily.
      • In episode 3, she hit both Ella and Sugar during the doom balloon challenge.
      • In episode 4, she fed an iguana with her mouth which got her team a point during the Truth or Scare challenge.
      • In episode 5, she did try to get her team a dueling stick twice. Her closest attempt was her second run, when she got a dueling stick, but Shawn ended up knocking her off the dock and into the water with his dueling stick, thinking she was a zombie due to Dave's lie.
      • In episode 6, she played monkey see, monkey do, with her team to find the monkey with their coin.
      • In episode 7, she led Topher through the cave, and braved through the gopher’s tunnel to get to daylight.
      • In episode 8, she kept her team’s babies safe, threw a rock at Dave which woke up the snake and bites him, and gave Scarlett a piggy back ride to scare the Lion and and they made him coward.
    9. She was one of the likable players to make it to the merge and stay a good character (unlike Dave and Sky who were both flanderized).
    10. She stayed pretty strong after the merge:
      • In episode 9, she managed to be the winner of hide and go seek, as Shawn helped her and even gave himself up to save her from being tagged.
      • In episode 10, she teamed up with Shawn to get to the control room, and they had each other’s backs. Later on, they teamed up with the others to take Scarlett down.
      • In episode 11, she teams up with Shawn again and managed to get far in the challenge.
    11. She has a understandable case of claustrophobia, giving that she’s the tallest out of all of the cast this season and small spaces mean she would have very little room to fit.
    12. Her crush on Shawn is cute at times, the first 5 episodes in particular show her care for him, especially in "A Blast from the Past" when he was absent from the challenge for most of the episode.
    13. Even during the time she was mad at Shawn, it was understandable giving Shawn’s mistake, and so she focused on helping her team.
    14. She did eventually forgive him when he saved her from everyone else in "Hurl and Go Seek", trusting him again.
    15. She and Shawn have a good relationship, having some cute moments, as well as good trust within each other, with her trusting him with their plan to split the million, even after she was eliminated.
    16. She returns in "Lies, Cries and One Big Prize" as the helper of Shawn, and managed to get far.
    17. She was understandably hurt when Shawn’s confessions were shown that he wouldn’t plan on splitting the money with her. Even after that, while she didn’t want him to win, she still cared for his safety, and she was definitely worried at the moments Shawn almost faced certain death, like when the tree collapsed on him and when a bratty Sky caused the mountain to collapse that send her and Shawn down to the finish, and Jasmine was relieved he was ok in the end.
    18. In the end, she forgives Shawn after he didn't initially accept her dreams, and their relationship is restored as she happily kisses him.
    19. She has a good character design.
    20. Katie Bergin did a good job voicing her, completely nailing her Australian accent. Keep in mind, Katie was born in Canada but raised in Australia.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Her being worried for Shawn in "A Blast from the Past", while sweet, also distracted her from doing the challenge. Thankfully, she managed to focus in later episodes after her mistake, even after she forgave Shawn and cared for him again.
    2. She was kind of unlikable at times in "Three Zones and a Baby" as she blew Sugar's bad breath in Dave's face (even Sugar, despite being unlikable, looked a little concerned when he passed out) and she also threw a rock at him causing the snake to bite him in the butt. Granted, Dave's lie caused a grudge against Shawn's and Jasmine's relationship, and she was just slowing down the other team, but it was still uncalled for. (depending on your view)


    • Jasmine, along with Alejandro, DJ, Eva, and Justin are the only contestants confirmed to be born in another country. In her case, she is from Australia.
    • Jasmine is the tallest contestant of the third generation and the tallest contestant in general.
    • Jasmine is one of three characters that are claustrophobic, the others being Gwen and Josee.
    • To date, Jasmine is the final contestant overall in the original series to use the confessional.


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