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    Jack Brewer
    "You probably shouldn't have done that!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Bravery
    Physical Strength
    Age: 13 (season 1)
    14 (season 2)
    15 (season 3)
    16 (season 4)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Leo Howard
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Kickin'it

    Sensei Jack Brewer is the main protagonist and characters of teen sitcom Kickin' It. He was born on October 8, 1997. He is portrayed by Leo Howard.


    Jack is the newest member of The Wasabi Warriors along with Kim who joins after, and is often seen as having the hero complex of the group. He is a dedicated skateboarder who learned martial arts from his grandfather, Bobby Wasabi's former teacher and sensei. Jack has the highest rank in the dojo, being a second degree black belt. He is also a heartthrob as seen by the many girls that fall for him. He is the unspoken leader of the Wasabi Warriors. He is Kim's boyfriend and main love interest.

    Why He Rocks

    1. Jack is a very memorable character, as he's sweet, sarcastic, caring, and also strong, brave, and smart.
    2. He is a very good friend to Milton, Jerry, Kim, Eddie, and Rudy, as he's always there for them and helps them out in many situations and tries to keep them out of trouble.
    3. At times when he hurts her friends feelings, he always learns from his mistakes and makes up for that, to be a better friend.
    4. He has many decent outfits.
    5. Most of the time when he does something wrong, he will admit his mistakes and try to fix them.
    6. He's probably the biggest badass in the entire series who proves to be a formidable.
    7. Whenever Jack catches a punch in his palm, he'll say some variation of "You probably shouldn't have done that".
    8. While he was already a badass fighter from the get go, he becomes even better at his hand-to-hand combat skills over time.
    9. Awesome storyline, where Jack has to save Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy from shutting down with his friends through the power of educating amateurs about karate.
    10. Almost every girl in his school is after him.
    11. He has amazing chemistry with Kim, and even when they fight, they always make up and fix their mistakes to strengthen their friendship.
      • In the subplot of the episode "Fawlty Temple", Jack, is going to meet Kim's father for the first time. He unintentionnaly spills a drink in Kim's fathers lap and it's made clear that he does not like Jack. Throughout the episode Jack tries to set up more dates with Kim's father to make a better impression on him. He does in the end after Kim fakes in injury to get Jack to substitute for her in a laser tag game. It kind of is justified because if you are dating a girl, you must impress her father so he can approve of you dating his daughter.
    12. He was a very popular character when the show was on back then, and even without a cult following, many viewers would see him as a good character.
    13. Leo Howard has a lot of fangirls.
    14. Leo Howard did a good job on playing him.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He is often arrogant and self-absorbed.
    2. He can be disrespectful a lot of the times.
    3. He started to become out of character in season 3 and even worse in season 4.
    4. His jokes can be stale.
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