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    Note: This page is dedicated to the late Dom DeLuise (1933-2009), who died of kidney failure in his sleep. May he rest in peace.

    Itchy Itchford
    "Charlie...Charlie, it's really you." - Itchy, both happy and relieved that his best friend is okay.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Charlie's Likable Nervous Wreck Best Friend
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Dachshund
    Portrayed by: Dom DeLuise
    Status: Deceased, later reincarnated as an angel
    Media of origin: All Dogs go to Heaven
    First appearance: All Dogs go to Heaven (1989)
    Last appearance: An All Dogs Christmas Carol

    Itchy Itchiford is the deuteragonist of the All Dogs Go to Heaven franchise. He is one of Charlie's best friends.

    He is loyal to Charlie in every way a best friend is, but is much more cautious and neurotic than his risk-taking best-friend. Along with his best friend, he begins to care for Anne-Marie and helps Charlie save her. When Charlie goes to heaven in the original film, he stays behind with Anne-Marie on earth. In All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, Itchy's time comes for him to come to go to Heaven, much to Charlie's excitement. He reprises a role alongside Charlie similar to the first film.


    Itchy is known in the film to be a very loyal, euphoric, and funny, but cautious, timid, immature, and seemingly neurotic character. He enjoys the finer things in life, but when it comes to danger he itches from nervous tension and will relieve it by scratching himself even unintentionally knowing he or his peers are in danger or at a certain risk. Like many smaller dogs, he doesn't like to be picked up and is afraid of heights. He however is more responsible than Charlie in heavenly assignments and is a reliable friend in times of need, even displaying bursts of courage thanks to Charlie’s influence.

    Why He's Charlie's Best Friend

    1. For starters, similar to another certain dog that came after him, Itchy is well-known for his cowardice.
    2. He is a very good best friend to Charlie and even serves as the voice of reason to his antics.
    3. He is also shown to be the opposite of Charlie. While Charlie is shown to be mischievous and reckless, Itchy himself is shown to be more responsible and careful.
    4. Even Itchy himself has received character development. He went from being a whiny and cynical despite being initially a loyal and reliable friend to Charlie, but a total doormat when it came to following Charlie's whims, but after a sixty year time skip, Itchy has become a nicer person and grew more assertive when it comes to calling Charlie out on his terrible decisions. Eventually, after spending two movies being dragged along, helping Charlie out with his problems, Itchy finally makes a decision for himself to part ways with his best friend and live his afterlife the way he wants to in Heaven.
    5. Similar to Charlie does with Sasha, Itchy himself has a great relationship with his girlfriend, Bess.
    6. He has a cool brief alter-ego named "Fearless Fido" where he bravely saves people from danger such as saving a baby from a building from a fire, knocking out a burglar, succesfully averted a nuclear meltdown and sucessfully defeating Manfred. It gets even better when we learn that it wasn't the hypnosis doing all that, it was just his couragous side being unlocked, which reveals that even though he can act like a coward, he can be brave too sometimes.
    7. His design in the franchise is very decent and great to look at, thanks to the animators of the franchise.
    8. Dom DeLuise did a great job voicing him.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. Due to being a lancer in Charlie's shenanigans, he can qualify as a butt-monkey.



    • Itchy was voiced by the late Dom DeLuise in All Dogs Go to Heaven, the sequel, All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series, and An All Dogs Christmas Carol. This makes him one out of two characters who hasn't changed voice actors throughout the whole franchise, the other being Killer; however, he is the only such character in which that includes the second film.
      • However, in a flashback scene of the episode "Fearless Fido," he is apparently voiced by an anonymous boy or woman.
      • Itchy's voice actor Dom DeLuise also played Fagin in Oliver & Company, Jeremy in The Secret of NIMH, Tiger in An American Tail, Christopher Columbus in The Magic Voyage and Stanley in A Troll In Central Park.
    • When Itchy gets nervous, he scratches himself.
    • Itchy is the only All Dogs Go to Heaven hero to wear clothing in the entire franchise (sometimes, Annabelle was seen in a robe, while in "Charlie's Angle," we see Annabelle's chief wearing slippers), the other characters being Red, Carface Caruthers, and Belladonna who are villains.
    • As the events of the first film took place in the late 1930's, while the sequel's events took place many years later in an unknown year, it is unknown and unexplained how Itchy has lived for decades on earth (after Charlie's death) in between that timeline despite the fact that a dog's lifespan is fairly short, logically meaning that Itchy would have very well been dead (of natural causes) and reunited with Charlie in Heaven way before the second film's events instead of choking to death (unless there was a massive time-skip).



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