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    Isabelle (Animal Crossing)

    Isabelle (Animal Crossing)
    Good morning, Mayor!
    Gender: Female
    Type: Female Dog Assistant
    Age: 29 (in dog years)
    Species: Dog
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Animal Crossing

    Isabelle is one of the main characters in the Animal Crossing series who debuted in New Leaf. She's a Shih Tzu dog and the mayor's assistant in her debut game. She became so popular with fans she quickly gain merchandise and appearances in Mario Kart 8 and The Smash Brothers series.

    Why She Rocks

    1. She is not just a popular character in the Animal Crossing series, she is actually THE face of the Animal Crossing series (since New Leaf), next to the Villager. She pretty much stole the spotlight in her debut appearance.
    2. She has an appealing and adorable design choice, especially in her green summer clothing which is her primary appearance.
    3. She speaks with her emotions, though she doesn't speak regular English, she has a very wide variety of emotes that express her feelings.
    4. Like Little Mac and Dark Samus, she is a playable fighter in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate who was previously an Assist Trophy.
      • She actually took people by surprise since many thought she was going to be an echo fighter, but she ended up as a semi-clone similar to Falco and Dr. Mario.
    5. Her official artwork in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate makes her look like a model walking on the Catwalk, making the second memorable newcomer artwork next to King K. Rool.
    6. In New Horizons, she works alongside Tom Nook in the Resident Services and gives the player daily announcements which are sometimes helpful.
    7. She's the first character in Animal Crossing to be canonically LGBTQ+ as she is pansexual.


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