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    Inko Midoriya
    "I... I said something awful to you... I've always regretted that. Back then... I just gave up on you... but you never quit, Izuku. You kept chasing your dreams. I'm sorry, Izuku. So now I'll be cheering you on with everything I've got!!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Izuku's Supportive Mother
    Age: 29 (First appearance)
    40 (Chapter 2 to Final Exams Arc)
    41 (Current)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Jessica Cavanagh (English)
    Aya Kawakami (Japanese)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: My Hero Academia

    Inko Midoriya (Japanese: 緑谷引子 Midoriya Inko?) is a Izuku Midoriya's mother and a supporting character in the anime My Hero Academia. She has the ability to manipulate small objects that are close enough to her.

    Why She Rocks

    1. She is a kind woman who always tries to support her son, Izuku Midoriya.
    2. To make it up to him, she ordered a hero suit that she saw him designing and apologized for ever letting him think that she didn't believe in his dreams.
    3. She was proud of his impressive feats in the U.A. Sports Festival Arc, showing that she was supportive of her son.
    4. She has shown that she still loves and is protective of her son and only wants best for him as she was unwilling to let be relocated to U.A.'s dormitories.
    5. When expressing emotions, she has a wide variety of drawn-out expressions.
    6. She explained that she was worried about her son since his Quirk damages him rather than helps him and concerned about her son's dream after witnessing All Might's brutal battle, unable to bear the fact that Izuku will also have to face such bloody battles with no hope possibility of full recovery. Inko also states that she has no confidence in U.A and is unable to entrust her son to them.
    7. She and her son share many personality traits, such as crying excessively to abnormal and comedic amounts when worried, which leaves her severely dehydrated, or happy and panics often when it comes to startling situations.

    Bad Qualities

    1. However, when Izuku gained a Quirk and was accepted into his dream school, Inko felt guilty for her previous beliefs of doubting his aspirations.
    2. She often faints in those times of panic.
    3. When her son was revealed to be Quirkless and seeing him heavily crying, she frantically apologized to him as if it was her own fault.


    • Inko's name contains the kanji for pull (引?) from attraction (引力, inryoku?), referencing her Quirk.
    • Inko (鸚哥 inko?), usually written using kana alone (インコ 'inko'?) is the Japanese word for parrot, especially small parrots such as the parakeet, lory and conure.


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