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    Incredible Characters Wiki:Rules

    Like its sister wiki, Loathsome Characters Wiki, Incredible Characters Wiki (formerly known as Great Characters Wiki) is a wiki that's meant to be a fun place. However, it has many rules that you have to be follow.


    1. Please follow Miraheze's Terms of Service and Code of Conduct. Do not encourage others to break Miraheze's Terms of Service or Code of Conduct either.
    2. If users are uncivil, unclear, or go as far as trolling, do not engage. Be the better user and bring the matter to admins to resolve.
    3. Do not mini-mod. This means acting like an administrator or moderator even though you aren't one. If a person isn't behaving, tell the administrators who will resolve the issue, you don't need to type in all caps at them.
    4. Do not send any foe requests to other users, as that will likely cause drama. Sending foe requests to admins will result in an indefinite ban.
    5. Mainspace pages should be written decently and cleanly, with minimal swearing, caps and out-of-place wikitext.
    6. Pages should use categories that are appropriate. If there are multiple options, select the best one. Sandboxes and blogs should not have categories removed. If not, comment them out or fake them. If you're unsure, ask or leave it to someone else.
    7. All pages are required to be under 50,000 bytes. Any page with a number over that number of bytes should be shortened.
    8. Reasons for deleted comments are poor grammar, malicious propaganda, harassing others, insults, uncensored swearing, making no sense, flame wars, starting arguments, and grammar nazism.
    9. Death threats will NOT be tolerated on this wiki. Those who send death threats will be blocked without warning nor a second thought.
    10. Swearing is allowed on the Charactapedia Wikis as long as you do not use it offensively against other users, the admins, and any person that owns or is portrayed as a fictional character. Doing so will result in a temporary block.
    11. Don't rage in all-caps.
    12. Do not add a reception section on the characters' pages. This wiki is intended to be fun, and having reception sections ruins the purpose of the wiki.
    13. If you do not like a character that has their own page on this wiki, that is fine, but do not bash on the character or bash on anyone who likes them.
    14. If an admin has been inactive for at least three months, then he or she will have their admin rights revoked.

    Page-making rules

      • Any characters already on the Loathsome Characters Wiki: This should be self-explanatory. Exceptions are if the page is addressing a particularly good incarnation. As the rule says, contact us if you feel a character should be switched.
      • Real-life people: Like its sister wiki, Incredible Characters Wiki is intended for fictional characters only. Exceptions are self-insert characters and fictional incarnations of real-life people.
      • OC/fan-made characters: They are not official characters, and they lack a personality. Such pages could also cause drama.

    Editing rules

    1. The average heading for a page is "Why He/She/They (if they're non-binary)/It (if they're genderless) Rocks." You can add custom headers on the main heading and the "Bad Qualities" section, as long as they aren't too long. For the best results, do not capitalize short prepositions, conjunctions, or articles in the custom headings, unless they are the first word of the title. For example, write "Why She's the Best of Both Worlds” instead of "Why She's The Best Of Both Worlds".
    2. Do not add duplicate categories, as they could likely clog up the wiki.
    3. Vandalism is not tolerated in any shape or form. It nets a permanent ban if done repeatedly.
    4. Make sure most of the information is correct and based on the source material. Biased contributions to bad pages give bad impressions.
    5. Any page should have at least 5 detailed reasons.
    6. ALWAYS add an image of the character to your page.
    7. Make sure your grammar is accurate when making pages.
    8. Do not add links to New Qualitipedia (Telepedia) as we are trying to distance the character wikis from QP due to the latter's toxic history.

    Blogpost rules

    1. Blogs can be used to create pages of characters that otherwise go against page-making rules (eg. fake characters, "How NOT to make a page") as long as the content is not objectionable.
    2. Blogs should otherwise be used for civil discussions, ideas, questions, etc., and not to annoy other users.
    3. If you see a page that is marked for deletion, do not move the page to a blog to circumvent deletion. This is known as "blog-moving" and you can expect a warning or be blocked for doing this repeatedly.
    4. Do not add categories to blogs, as allowing it would flood and mess up the categories.
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