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    Incredible Characters Wiki:Featured Article

    Featured Articles are pages on the Incredible Characters Wiki chosen to be highlighted on the wiki's main page because of their quality, their importance as a work or concept, or just because they're fun to read. Whenever a user opens the wiki's home page, an article feature will be selected for display. Part of the purpose behind Featured Articles is to direct new or infrequent users of the wiki to "the best of the best".

    While the wiki moderators chose the initial set of articles, any user can nominate an article for Featured Article status.

    Nomination Process

    Articles are nominated by adding them to this page in the section below. Periodically, the moderators will go through the list that has accumulated, evaluate the nominations, and add those pages they think make the grade to the list of pages to be displayed. Then the nomination section of this page will be blanked to await new suggestions.

    Please note that once a page is on the featured list, it is there permanently -- there's no need to flog a page by submitting it over and over again after it's already been selected. On the other hand, it's always okay to resubmit a page that didn't make the grade previously -- it may have been dramatically rewritten since the last time it was nominated, and might pass muster this time around.

    What Qualifies an Article as "Featured"?

    As a rule, Featured Articles should follow the guidelines here as closely as possible.

    1) The article must have a lot of content.

    1. At least 5 pointers (each of them need to be well detailed)
    2. A clear, high-definition image
    3. A trivia section if possible

    2) The page must be well-made, this means:

    1. No grammar errors
    2. No mistakes in the MediaWiki code
    3. Any video reviews must be correctly displayed

    3) Finally, the article must be of good quality overall:

    1. The pages should be free from sentences written in unnecessary bold, italics or caps;
    2. Each previously mentioned part of the page that is required for the article to be nominated must be as complete as possible and exhaustive. This means that, for example, even if the article has everything requested by the first pointer of this page, the nomination will be rejected if the page has ten extremely short pointers.


    Please enter nominations below this line as fully potholed page names in the usual markup format. Thank you.

    1. Arthur Read
    2. Doug Funnie
    3. Chloe Corbin
    4. Marth
    5. Miles Morales
    6. Monkey D. Luffy
    7. Natsu Dragneel
    8. Phoenix Wright
    9. Pichu
    10. Taiga Aisaka
    11. Tak
    12. The Machines
    13. Grey Goo
    14. Tomura Shigaraki
    15. Wreck-It Ralph
    16. Yusuke Urameshi
    17. Phineas and Ferb
    18. Dr. Robotnik
    19. The Koopalings
    20. Lincoln Loud
    21. Mario
    22. Princess Peach
    23. King K. Rool
    24. The Grinch
    25. Wario
    26. Waluigi
    27. Garfield
    28. Elfilin
    29. Mr. Satan
    30. Plankton
    31. Crash Bandicoot
    32. Son Goku
    33. Big Bird
    34. Shadow the Hedgehog
    35. Knuckles the Echidna
    36. Silver the Hedgehog
    37. Vector from Despicable Me
    38. Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner
    39. Jason Voorhees
    40. Peter Parker
    41. Squidward Tentacles
    42. Yosemite Sam
    43. Sonic the Hedgehog

    Existing Featured Articles

    The list of all featured articles can be found here.

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