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SpongeBob SquarePants - A fun-loving sponge who is the main character of the TV series of the same name.
Son Goku - An anime character who's a Saiyan from outer space with awesome transformations that is willing to fight the world for peace.
Thomas the Tank Engine - The protagonist of the educational TV show of the same name.
Zane - An intelligent robot-ninja hybrid.
Mickey Mouse - Perhaps the biggest icon of cartoon history.
Saitama - An iconic character who saved a boy from a crab monster and then start training so hard to the point where he can defeat anyone with one punch and lost all his hair.
Ken Kaneki - A character with an upside-down life whose appearance keeps changing.
Stan Marsh - A protagonist that is the reasonable and nice character.
Mario - One of the most iconic characters and mascots in videogame history.
Buzz Lightyear - A brave character that spawned his own meme.
Mordecai and Rigby- A iconic cartoon duo who love to Slack Off.
Eren Yeager - A protagonist that is also the villain, but also the author of the story.
Hiccup - An intelligent dragon trainer that is so smart he can defeat every dragon.
Pikachu - An iconic character in the Pokémon franchise.
Otis the Cow - A talking cow who had a bad beginning, but showed major redemption.
SMG4 - A recolored version of Mario that became a really funny internet meme character due to his funny randomness.
Spyro the Dragon - The dragon protagonist of the Spyro franchise.
Batman - A Justice League member that lost both of his parents when he was a kid and then avenged them by training to the point where he becomes one of the most liked heroes to exist.
Rick Sanchez - A brilliant and psychopathic scientist.
Sonic the Hedgehog - A fast and blue hedgehog who has become one of the biggest icons of video games.
Izuku Midoriya - The main character of My Hero Academia who proves himself to be a good fighter.
Twilight Sparkle - A My Little Pony character who starts out as an anti-social unicorn who only wanted to study to an outgoing princess of friendship who makes use of teamwork.
Ratchet - A skilled mechanic and the protagonist of the Rachet & Clank series.
Superman - The most powerful Justice League member that was originally born in his home planet but gained superpowers from the yellow sun.
Crash Bandicoot - One of the most iconic video game characters in existence
Bugs Bunny - A cartoon rabbit who is famous for his trickster personality.
Donkey Kong - Mario's former enemy that managed to return with his own spin-off game after being replaced with Bowser
About this wiki

The Incredible Characters Wiki (formerly known as Great Characters Wiki) is a wiki dedicated to characters that are well received by people and are well written. These characters frequently entertain audiences with their humor, and can make them laugh. They can go against their personality once in a blue moon, but are otherwise tolerable characters.

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Lightning McQueen (real name Montgomery) is the main character of the Cars franchise. He's a famous race car who has a winning desire which caused some conflict for himself and others. All that is changed when he enters a small town called Radiator Springs after an incident.


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  1. The main heading for a page is "Why He/She/They (if they're non-binary)/It (if they're genderless) Rocks." Custom headers can be added on the main heading and the "Bad Qualities" section.
  2. Reasons for deleting comments are harassing other users, drastic and offensive insults, the comment being nonsensical and irrelevant or containing SJW propaganda.
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  4. Harassing other users is NOT acceptable.
  5. If you do not like a character that has their own page on this wiki, that is fine, but do not bash on the character or bash on anyone who likes them.
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  7. Real-life people are NOT allowed to have pages.
  8. Any page should have at least 5 detailed reasons.
  9. If you are to add a caption to the image of the character, make the caption a famous quote from said character.
  10. ALWAYS add an image of the character to your page.
  11. Make sure your grammar is accurate when making pages.
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  13. If your page's character has only one bad quality, make the heading "Bad Quality" or "The Only Bad Quality", instead of "Bad Qualities". You can change it at any time if you decide to add another bad quality to the page.
  14. Articles using first-person pronouns (like I, me and my) are not allowed and will be deleted.
  15. If a character bears the same name (EX. Red (Angry Birds) and Red (Pokémon)) or a similar name to another character (EX. Hopper (A Bug's Life) and Hop (Pokémon)), include the media of origin in the page's title to avoid confusion.
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