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    Horrid Henry
    "Silence, WORM!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Rebellious Rockstar
    Brilliant Troublemaker
    Age: Around 11
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Lizzie Waterworth
    Theo Stevenson (2011 live-action film)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Horrid Henry

    Horrid Henry is the main character of the series of the same name and he is portrayed as a determined and relentless young boy. He believes that life is unfair as the rest of the world is against him, so he fights "against the tyranny of adults". He is resistant to defeat as teachers, relatives and babysitters in the series try their best to avoid him. Even his parents argue over whose turn it is to look after him.

    Why He's Anything BUT Horrid

    1. He is funny most of the time. Like for example, he tends to pull troublesome but hilarious pranks on people just for fun.
    2. He most of the time has a point that his parents never do anything he says and Peter does everything he wants.
      • Heck, his Mum is so lazy she even makes him wrap HIS Christmas presents. Now that's not fair, is it?
    3. His insults for Peter, "Worm" and "Smelly Nappy Baby", are really intelligent and funny. In fact, in "Horrid Henry Gets A Job", Peter even literally turns into a worm! How funny is that?
    4. He knows how to backfire his younger brother Perfect Peter who is extremely annoying, despite the latter always constantly snitching on him just for that.
    5. He knows how to fight his horrible, moody neighbour Moody Margaret, even if he ends up losing to her at times.
    6. He is more likable than any other character in the show even though he is known as the most horrid kid in his town and country.
    7. He has the ability to speak out for those who are doing unfair things against him.
    8. Despite his horridness, he does somewhat love and care about his family, as he once saved Peter from getting crushed by a bookcase.
    9. He is aware that he needs to have as much fun and experience as he can while he is still a kid, which ain't easy considering the circumstances he repeatedly gets stuck in.
    10. He's pretty musically talented, and this is shown when he plays the drums in the Killer Boy Rats performance and in the movie where he wins the talent show with his band Zero Zombies.
    11. He is a complex character, as he never means to be horrid. It is a way of him getting attention and feeling good about himself.
      • He usually seems to envy his younger brother Peter for his talents and the attention he gets from their parents, which implies that Henry has low self-esteem.
    12. Lizzie Waterworth did an amazing job voicing him. Theo Stevenson's portrayal in the movie was tolerable, despite not being 100% accurate.

    Intentionally Horrid Qualities

    1. To the credit of his name, he can be a selfish, sociopathic, rude and somewhat evil minded kid who would cross any limit in order to get his way and wouldn't care about anyone else, though this is somewhat justified since his parents don't give him a lot of attention and clearly favour his younger brother Peter over him, whom they spoiled to an extreme. It really says something, however, that he mellows out a lot and tries to redeem himself when he needs to.
    2. He dreams of becoming a king and when it happens, he claims he'll execute or banish anyone or anything he hates.
    3. At times he can be a bit unlikable (although that's intentional), like hating the opposite gender just like Moody Margaret does, or when his horridness can get a bit too rough, like when he strapped his brother to a tree when he was younger, refusing to take turns, playing with his things without permission, selling him into slavery, ruining his cousin's wedding, getting himself and his family banned from the supermarket. Those are some of the only times he DOES deserve to get punished.
      • He was also REALLY unlikable in "Who Stole Mr Kill", as he falsely accuses his family (plus Moody Margaret) of stealing his teddy bear Mr. Kill even though they clearly didn't do it - in fact, he even goes so as far as to cut his brother's cello strings and ruin Margaret's time capsule! Thankfully, he got his punishment at the end.
      • Another episode where he was unlikable was "Horrid Henry's Time Capsule", as he steals Peter's plush bunny to use for the school's time capsule... just because his mum wouldn't let him bring his slime to school! How much pettier can he be? Though to be fair, he DID correct his misdeeds by getting Peter's bunny back thanks to Miss Oddbod.
    4. He's somewhat out of character in seasons 4 and 5 (and to a lesser extent, season 3), as he is only occasionally badly behaved and consistently does nice things for others, whereas in the first two seasons and in the books, his kind moments are few and far in between. With that being said, he still remains a likeable character most of the time.
      • He was also kinda flanderized in the later Horrid Henry books, not being as smart and more gullible, not to mention more mean-spirited. However, he gained his original personality in the books back in "Horrid Henry: Up, Up, and Away!" even if he wasn't as well written as the earlier books.
    5. His catchphrase "NOOOOOOO!" can be pretty annoying.
    6. He can sometimes be hypocritical. For example, he hates it when Peter gets him into trouble yet he has no qualms against getting Peter, Miss Battle-Axe, Bossy Bill and occasionally his Mum and Dad into trouble.
    7. Also, despite his animal transformations being cool, they can come of as unintentionally cruel to other people. (Mostly at Peter.)



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