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    Hinawa (Mother 3)
    "You must be so exhausted. Come here, Claus."
    Gender: Female
    Type: A beloved mother of two sons and a wonderful wife.
    Species: Human
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: EarthBound/Mother

    Hinawa is a supporting character of the Japan-only third installment of the Mother series, Mother 3. She's the late mother of her twins, Lucas and Claus, the daughter of Alec, and the husband of Flint, yet she has more impact on the lore than the past mothers of the past protagonists of the Mother series.

    Why She's An Amazing Mother

    1. She is perhaps one of, if not the most underrated video game mothers who did a lot of wonderful things for her family, even in death, and has a lovely design.
    2. She's a wonderful, selfless mother who was basically the Deus ax Machinia to Lucas' journey and Claus' miserable control under Porky.
    3. Her design and sprites are simple, yet wonderful and pretty. The same goes for her scrapped design in EarthBound 64, even though it uses the stereotype of blonde hair and blue eyes.
    4. The things she did for her family, dead or alive, are on a scale of quite kindful to depressing, yet highly acceptable. It shows that she not only cares for herself, but also, and mainly, the lives of her family and Lucas' friends, proving more of an amazing mother she is.
    5. Plus the previous reason, she's quite an intelligent mother, understanding with the conditions of her family. For example, she doesn't leave Claus here to rot in mechanical numbness and suffering. She exactly tells him to end his misery and be free of pain with her.
    6. Her depressing, yet loving sacrifice to save her boys from a mechanical Drago, even though in the cost of her life.
    7. Her personality and actions make her very two-dimensional, it's like Itoi poured so much of his love into her.
    8. She doesn't jump to conclusions quickly, and instead, like the Deus ax Machinia to Lucas' journey, finds solutions to their problems, such as appearing in Alec's dream and telling him to place in a pile of hay where Lucas and Boney landed safely in.
    9. While alive, her relationship with her sons are perhaps one of, if not the most heartwarming mother-and-son relationships, mostly because of her personalities and her love towards the both of them.
      • Even if the twins were annoying, she still treated them with absolute kindness.
    10. "Good morning, Mr. Sleepyhead Lucas." Mostly one of the most cutest quotes from any video game mother.
    11. Her favorite flower of choice, sunflowers, are not only a nice choice, but also a smart one, as they become an association of her presence.

    Bad Quality

    1. While amazing and plays a big role in the story, her kindness is a little too much, as it perhaps led Hinawa to her death.


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