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    High Five (Glitch Techs)
    Not all glitches are monsters. What about Ally or Alpha? Even BITT is part glitch. All our tech, everything we rely on, is made from pixel technology. The same as glitches are. If Miko can be a glitch, that also means glitches can be intelligent, brave, funny, and loyal.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Strategic Cartoon Character
    Age: 15
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Ricardo Hurtado
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Glitch Techs

    High Five (also simply known as Five or his real name Hector Nieves) is one of the two main characters of Glitch Techs. He's a Mexican-American who is good friends with Miko and works at Hinobi. Additionally, he is a Glitch Tech who goes after the glitches that spread over his world.

    Why He Rocks

    1. Compared to Miko, he's the brains to Miko's brawn thus being a more puzzle-oriented gamer. He uses his strategy to come up with plans to fight against glitches every time he faces against them. No wonder as to why his plans rarely fail thus being a dangerous Glitch Tech.
    2. He's depicted as a nice and caring boy who does a good job at being a pal (prominently Miko since both are often seen together). Hell, he has a lot of trust with her such as the episode Find the Glitch where he continues to trust Miko even if she was accused of being a glitch.
    3. He's a good leader as noted throughout the series. He can also consider his other team member's suggestions like in the episode Alpha Leader.
    4. He would regret doing some bad things that he did before. An example of this is he episode Ralphie Bear is Back where he was assigned to inspect the Joystick Junior Arcade, but he wanted to finally meat Ralphie Bear after returning. When he learned that Miko destroyed Ralphie, he decides to forgive her.
    5. When Five met Miko in real life, he at first get's a little irked due to how he never beat Me_K.O. in a video game. However, this starts to change when they started to develop a friendship. How sweet. You may not win at everything, but friendship is more important than just winning.
    6. He does enjoy video games, but he also responsible outside of gaming and cares about his family. In Age of Hinobi, he took a five minute break from work to help some kids on a game level with only after getting permission from his family. So this goes to show you that gamers are more than what they seem.
    7. Sometimes, he has some unique dialogue that would make him switch to Spanish every one in a while. Especially when he's excited or surprised.
    8. For some reason, he does take some enjoyment for odd and boring things like finding pleasure in game tutorials. As boring as it may sound, this actually proves that he still enjoys that kind of stuff.
    9. It was pretty surprising and sad to find out that his dad Emilio Nieves is in prison just for hacking a firewall. Even though crime is never good, we would still feel bad for Five.

    The Only Two Bad Qualities

    1. Five has a tendency to fear the unknown. If he was assigned a job, he's often afraid to fail it.
    2. He often gets stuck in his own head, unable to act in the moment, his mind to full to go the distance.


    • Five's only family members to appear onscreen are his grandparents and there’s no mention as to what happened to his parents, but episode four reveals that they were around two years ago, at least.
    • Five started as more of a typical protagonist but as details were added, the GT crew drew from Eric Robles' real life. Other inspirations were elements of Peter Parker, Marty McFly & Will Smith. Many on the team brought their own inspiration to him as well including the artists and actor Ricardo Hurtado, who greatly inspired the overall dialogue for Five.
    • Five's hair is based on Ray Santiago's.


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