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    Gender: Male
    Type: General of Ostia
    Age: 17 (Blazing Blade)
    37 (Binding Blade)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Kohsuke Toriumi (Japanese)
    Patrick Seitz (English)
    Status: Deceased (in Binding Blade)
    Media of origin: Fire Emblem

    Note: Not to be confused with Hector Rivera from Coco, Hector Casagrande from Casagrandes/Loud House, or Hector Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Hector was one of the three main characters of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade and a minor character in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. Compared to most lords, he was the first one to wield an axe as his main weapon. He's a friend of Eliwood and had parents who died of a disease. In Blazing Blade, he sets out on a quest to help Eliwood search for his father Elbert with the assistance of some of his Ostian colleagues consisting of Serra, Matthew, and Oswin. In The Binding Blade, he has a daughter named Lilina and has a role as a minor character.

    Why He Rocks

    1. Hector's straightforward manners are seen as the main source of consternation among Lycian nobility. With all that said, he's never a coward to speak his mind resulting in him being blunt.
    2. His emotions tend to give him the best of his reputation. While he found out that Leila is killed, he vowed to destroy all of the Black Fang since he doesn't know who killed her.
    3. For a big guy with a tough persona, he cares greatly for others like telling Florina not to cry or telling Serra that he will be her family.
    4. As expected for a brute of a man, he's over-protective about his family. He told Eliwood about a dream of a blue-haired man talking affectionately to his daughter thus seeing a red-haired boy taking the daughter away much to his anger at Eliwood. He mentioned not seeing his daughter get taken away despite being a dream.
    5. His relationship with Eliwood is more of a friendly rivalry between the two. Ever since a young age, they sparred for every two much with an almost even record of wins and losses.
      • Same can be said about Lilina's relationship with Hector as they are father and daughter. A good example of this would be A Monstrous Harvest as Hector and Lilina are a duo unit.
      • He even at one point acted like a brother figure to Nils at one point.
    6. He feels so avid about fighting to the point that he trains very hard to improve his axe-fighting skills. His personality matches so well with his fighting style as he is seen as a rash and somewhat dangerous lord.
    7. Despite being a minor character in Binding Blade, he had moments where you feel bad for him such as being thrown into prison after encountering Zephiel. Sure, Roy did rescue him albeit it was far too late. Even if that happened, Hector conveyed information about Bern and their resurrections of the dragons to Roy. With his last moments, Hector entrusted to Ostian Army and Lilina to Roy.
      • Back to the topic of Blazing Blade, he has a bad past about his parents being dead when he was a child thus letting Uther be a surrogate parent to him. Uther also dies as well. Sympathy it is.
    8. At the end of the Blazing Blade, he managed to become the Marquess of Ostia and even had a strong friendship with Eliwood still.
      • In other endings, he can marry Lyn, Farina, or Florina.
    9. When you reach level 40 in the Marquess of Ostia variant, Hector gives a speech about how he used to not believe in destiny. As he goes on, he believes that what really matters is that you don't regret your decisions just as long as you're strong to the core and being ready for the future.
      • A similar thing that happened to him on his own game would be his character development. He wisens up and learns to take responsibility for his own actions once he learns what his brother has done for him.
    10. He's had some pretty entertaining moments that fit well with his character. For example: "This here is heavy armor from House Ostia. And let me tell you, they don't call it "heavy" for nothing!" or "Why does no one think I've got anything nice to say?!"
    11. He stands out among other lords in the series as he's the only one who can use axes before promotion and is considered a "tank character". This makes him be balanced out compared to the rest in a unique way without being too out of place.
    12. Hector get's a game mode called Hector's Tale which is basically what goes on during Eliwood's story, only from the perspective of Hector. If you play his mode without a tactician, he is the one who will be giving all the commands. Even Roy states that Hector was the greatest tactician in Lycia.
    13. When he was offered the Armads for the first time, he was told he would die after getting it. It turns out that he didn't care if it means that he gets to stop Nergal.
    14. Taught himself how to fight. Sure it's reckless, but he can hack down anything in his path.
    15. He's not the kind of person who would rather be too cooped up in a place. You see, he's always ready for a battle showing how prepared he is somehow. Example: "Fine castle you have here. It's not really my thing to stay cooped up all day though. Let's get to battling!"
    16. Can be considered a reasonable authority figure to the Lycian League.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He can be reckless at times.
    2. His relationship with Lyn is usually weird as they are seen doing unusual things like provoking each other to chase each other. Even Eliwood is confused about this.
    3. He wasn't the most attentive during his classes. But he's far from stupid.
    4. Despite being 17 in FE7, he barely looks to be that old.


    • His name is speculated to be named after Hector of Troy, a hero from the Iliad known for his honor as well as his prowess in battle, who is killed by Achilles.
      • Another likely source could be Sir Ector, foster father of King Arthur. This is evidenced by Roy’s resemblance to Arthur.
      • The verb "hector" means "to harass, bully, or speak in an intimidating way" and maybe a reference to his personality.
    • When wielding any axe other than Armads, he uses his right hand. When using Armads, however, the axe will switch to his left hand.
    • Gave us the OHO meme and a lot of his memes related to his Heroes alt wielding Armads.


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