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    }Haruko Haruhara (ハルハラ・ハル子 Haruhara Haruko), her actual name Haruha Raharu (ハルハ・ラハル), is the mysterious pink-haired alien who is the central character in the FLCL series who serves as the catalyst for the series abnormal events. She is an energetic and unpredictably reckless sociopath who is nick-named "Vespa Woman" for riding a sunglow Piaggio Vespa SS 180, claiming to be 19 despite Mamimi observing her to look a year older.

    Why She Rocks

    1. Haruko has a tendency to switch between a variety of different dispositions to others on a dime, making her difficult to read and unpredictable. She can be very persuasive and stand-offish sometimes to get what she wants. When around the Nandaba men, she is often either promiscuous or found in suggestive situations.
    2. She also has the ability to hypnotize weak-minded people into believing anything she wants, such as having someone believe a bad drawing to be a photograph of a fabricated experience.
    3. She becomes the Nandaba household's maid while working to find Atomsk, the most powerful space pirate in the galaxy.
    4. Between the events of the first season and FLCL Progressive, as depicted in the latter's credits, Haruko manages to briefly absorb Atomsk. But the experience causes a part of Haruko's being to split off from her while she loses Atomsk in the process. 
    5. She may act like a mom sometimes, a lover or a maid depending upon her mood.
    6. She is amazingly voiced, both in the English and Japanese dub, by talented voice actresses Mayumi Shintani and Kari Walgren.

    Bad Qualities

    1. As stated in WSR#2, she has the ability to control the minds of weak-minded people, which is downright creepy.
    2. She is horribly flanderized in Grunge.


    • Haruko is usually seen carrying a midnight blue, left-handed Rickenbacker bass guitar model 4001, displaying knowledge and administration of guitar types the stylings of American classic rock musicians, which is modified to fire bullets with axe and rocket launcher modes. Haruko can also use it to fly and open N.O. Channels.


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