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    HalThe Angry Birds Movie
    Gender: Male
    Type: Calm boomerang bird
    Species: Emerald toucanet
    Portrayed by: *Jean-Marie Viollet (Angry Birds Go!)
    • Antti LJ Paakkonen (Angry Birds 2)
    • Anthony Padilla (The Angry Birds Movie)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Angry Birds

    Hal, originally known as the Green Bird or the Boomerang Bird, is one of the main characters in the Angry Birds franchise. He first appears in Danger Above of the original game in 2010, where he is captured and later rescued. He was captured again in The Big Setup, only to be saved by Terence. His long beak grants him the ability to go back like a boomerang after being launched from the slingshot.

    Why He Always Gets Back Like a Boomerang

    1. His designs, though they vary in many incarnations he appears in, are well thought-out and reflect his boomerang ability.
    2. In the "Angry Birds Comics" series and other books, his personality is revealed to be calm, collected, wise, and preferring to live in peace rather than fight with the Bad Piggies, making him one of the most kindhearted birds in the flock.
    3. His relationship with Bubbles in the first movie is heartwarming. It helps that the duo are voiced by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox of Smosh fame.
    4. Although a bit difficult to master, his boomerang ability can do significant damage, especially on wooden structures.
      1. There was a trick that could be done in older Angry Birds games, where the player can launch Hal backwards, then activate his ability. This can build up his power and destroy structures similar to Chuck.

    Angry Qualities

    1. Of the birds in the main flock, he is the most underutilized. He does not appear in major Angry Birds works such as Angry Birds Space, Toons, and the two Star Wars games. He was also not present in Angry Birds 2 until 2018.
    2. His designs, although mostly decent, can come off as confusing as there are many inconsistencies within them.
    3. His boomerang ability could be challenging to activate for some players, as it requires the most precise angle and timing. Sometimes, his power may not work out as strong, and he does not work on water.
      1. This was fixed in Angry Birds 2, where he was made significantly stronger, by working on stone structures as well as activating even upon being a corpse.
    4. His long beak causing him to be clumsy and fall over, as seen in The Angry Birds Movie and the Summer Pignic cinematic trailer.



    • He plays the banjo, as revealed in the comics and some books.
    • He and Stella do not appear in Angry Birds Toons.
    • Hal's name is misspelt as Al in a Toy Care PDF guide.
    • A gravestone bearing his name can be seen in the 2022 Halloween event of Angry Birds Journey.
    • He rotates after being launched from the slingshot, likely caused by his heavy beak.


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