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    Little Monkey (George of the Jungle, 1997)

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    Little Monkey (George of the Jungle, 1997)
    "All right!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Lone Monkey
    Species: Capuchin monkey
    Portrayed by: Frank Welker
    Dee Bradley Baker (sequel)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: George of the Jungle

    Litte Monkey is a supporting character in the 1997 film George of the Jungle. He was played by Crystal the Monkey, and his vocal effects were provided by Frank Welker and Dee Bradley Baker.

    Why He Is a Hero To The Other Monkeys

    1. The idea of a little monkey standing up to a lion the save the other monkeys is a really good idea. Even for the monkey itself.
    2. Crystal the Monkey did a good job playing him, and Frank Welker did a good job voicing him.
    3. To be fair, you should really feel sorry for him because he is left alone by the other monkeys.
    4. He helps out George after he helped him by pounding on the bongo gram when he is captured by Lyle's goons.
    5. He is able to stand up to the lion by pounding his chest like George to chase it away after it approaches the other monkeys.
    6. He provides a heartwarming moment where he is complemented by the other monkeys for scaring the lion away.
    7. He usually doesn't have a mischievous attitude unlike Curious George.

    Intentional Bad Qualites

    1. The idea of having a capuchin monkey in the African jungle doesn't make any sense, since capuchins are native to South America, not Africa. However, this is most likely intentional because capuchin monkeys are much smarter and more recognizable than other monkeys.
    2. He doesn't really get a lot of screen time in the movie.


    1. His voice bears a resemblance to that of Abu from Aladdin. Coincidentally, both of them are voiced by Frank Welker.


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