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    Hailey Austin (The Music Freaks)

    Hailey Austin (The Music Freaks)
    "Hey, We Went Pretty Good!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Intelligent and Supportive Friend
    Age: 16-18
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Veeahbee (episodes 1-4)
    RaikooA (episode 5 onward)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Music Freaks

    Hailey Austin is the deuteragonist of The Music Freaks. She is a junior in high school and is the president of the Music Club.

    Why She's Amazing

    1. Hailey is a very caring and empathetic character and gives good advice to people
    2. Her design is adorable and beautiful in both the GL and GC variants
    3. She has a great voice (thanks to RaikooA and Veeahbee)
    4. She's very patient, kind, shy, and well-mannered
    5. She has her heartwarming moments such as:
    • Giving Jake a second chance and sympathizing with him and giving him advice to not hang out with his friends.
    • Telling Jake and Zander to stop fighting in episode 2
    • Telling Milly to stop fighting Zoey and she would get kicked from the music club.
    • Telling Sean that everybody make mistakes
    1. She has a beautiful singing voice.
    2. In episode 8, she tries to get rid of her stage fright
    3. Her outfits in episode 8 as a child is adorable especially her 7th grade outfit.
    4. Her father was a music teacher and a musician
    5. She's a great leader.
    6. A funny moment where she snaps at Lia saying "God, what's your deal?"

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. She was harsh to Jake at the end of episode 8.


    • Hailey's birthday is September 14, making her zodiac sign Virgo.
    • She is Zander's stepsister
    • She has bad stage fright
    • Her favorite drink is bubble tea and her favorite color is pink.
    • She has two voice actors
    • She is the president of the music club


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