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    Gumball Watterson
    "So who is Gumball Watterson? Here are the list about people who said about me."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Troublemaking Cheerful Well-Meaning Teen
    Age: 12
    Species: Anthropmorphic Cat
    Portrayed by: Nicky Jones (early reel)
    Logan Grove (seasons 1–3a)
    Jacob Hopkins (season 3b-5a)
    Nicholas Cantu (seasons 5b-6)
    Duke Cutler (The Gumball Chronicles)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Amazing World of Gumball
    First appearance: The DVD

    Gumball (formerly Zach) Tristopher Watterson is the titular main protagonist of The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a twelve-year-old, blue male cat that goes to Elmore Junior High, with his adopted brother Darwin and his four-year-old sister Anais. Gumball is in Miss Simian's class. As of "The Shell", Gumball is dating Penny.

    Why He is Amazing

    1. He is a very imaginative person. Despite his mediocre academic performance, he can be surprisingly brilliant when it comes to formulating all sorts of mischievous schemes.
    2. Gumball is also pretty optimistic. Despite his cynicism towards society itself, as seen in episodes such as "The Bumpkin" and "The Money", he is still fairly positive in what to expect out of people (though there are exceptions). When his family is financially suffering in "The Money", he reminds them of the joys of family and pushes them to be more optimistic. In "The Others", he is quick to reject Clare's notion of "no happy ending", only wanting to see her have a happy ending (no matter how forced it was). He's also happy to help others, as seen in "The Void", "The Upgrade", and "The Slide", in which in all three he went great lengths to assist Molly, Bobert, and Rocky, respectively.
    3. In general, Gumball is very protective of his loved ones. On multiple occasions, he is quick to go into a sort of "over-protective" mode whenever anybody tries to hurt his siblings, Darwin and Anais, as seen in "The Parasite", in which he tried to nearly poison Jodie when he thought she was hurting Anais, or in "The Rerun", in which he aimlessly tried to attack Rob out of rage when Darwin died.
    4. For some reason, Gumball was very cheerful, kind-hearted, selfless, and collected in season 1.
    5. He has spawned plenty of memes.
    6. He's generally portrayed as very fun loving and creative.
    7. Gumball has a very sarcastic nature, which is typically fun to watch.
    8. His design is absolutely great, especially in seasons 2-6.
    9. He has a lot of hilarious moments throughout the show.
    10. His relationship with his brother/friend Darwin is amazing.
    11. His voice actors (as seen above) do good jobs voicing him.

    "What the what?" Qualities

    1. When season 2 began, he became a really big cynical jerk. At this point, some fans will think that Gumball should resort back to his season 1 self.
      • He can be incredibly selfish, even admitting in "The Promise" that no amount of guilt can outweigh his selfishness.
      • There are also times where he can be very toxic, mean-spirited, and sociopathic towards others.
    2. Despite being likeable, he was very wimpy and pretty humble in season 1.
      • Thus, there are many episodes (usually after the first season) where he is unlikable.
    3. He almost never learns from his mistakes.
      • In fact, he's kind of proud by how dumb he is, unlike Anais and much like Darwin.
    4. A prime example, being a running-gag, is that he never learnt not to use water to put out an electrical fire.
    5. He ends up suffering a lot of misfortunes in episodes such as "The Curse" (Where his misfortunes get taken to the extreme), "The Robot", "The Infamous Hero", and "The Triangle" (The WORST offender). You can't help but feel super bad for him.
    6. Although he may be an likeable character overall, he can sometimes be very unlikeable in episodes including "The Dream", "The Promise", "The Saint", "The Slap" (depending on your view), "The Ex" and "The Candidate" (depending on your view).
    7. He can be extremely hypocritical. In "The Bumpkin", he openly admits he can't live by his own principles.
      • In "The Dream", he constantly abuses Darwin verbally, physically, emotionally, and mentally after seeing a dream where he kisses Penny which is very unjustified. Darwin keeps reminding him that it's just a dream but Gumball still berates him and even plays the victim in the situation, making him very stubborn. In the ending, after Gumball alters the dream by making Darwin kiss Sussie, he sadistically laughs at Darwin and tells him that it's just a dream, which means that Gumball knew that he shouldn't have taken it too seriously in the first place but he still does it out of his stupidity and selfishness.
    8. He is irresponsible of taking responsibility for his actions and will blame others.
    9. While he can be selfless, most of the time, he only helps others to be the center of attention (e.g. "The Others").
    10. He doesn't notice his behavioral issues are out-of-place.
    11. He whined and threw a fit over getting candy in "The Limit", which was embarrassing Nicole.
    12. He can be a butt-monkey, even though he deserves it.


    • Gumball is known to be a caricature of a young Ben Bocquelet.
    • Gumball makes a cameo in OK K.O. Let's Be Heroes crossover Nexus as one of the Cartoon Network heroes Strike summoned and defeated, he also appeared again as one of Ben's Cartoon Network transformations to defeat Strike.


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