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    "Don't worry, Link! Groose has got this! Link, I... I caught her! She's OK!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Hilarious Bully
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Hylian
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    Groose is one of the supporting characters who debuted in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He was Link's personal knight school arch-rival turned valuable ally who helps Link fend off The Imprisoned.

    Why He's a Real Man

    1. Groose is one of the funniest and the most entertaining characters in Skyward Sword alongside Ghirahim and, like Revali, he has a charming three-dimensional personality that makes him stand out from everyone else in the game.
    2. Character development. Groose starts off as a school bully who often picks on Link on every step of the way, mainly because he was jealous of his relationship with Zelda, the very person he is also interested in. After Zelda is pulled down to the Surface, he succumbs to depression over her fate and was inconsolable up until Link helps Impa and Zelda escape from Ghirahim, where he follows Link in the funniest way possible due to a resolve to save Zelda, unaware of what horrors he would encounter, but when he learns from the Old Lady that it was Link's destiny to save the world, he was upset until The Imprisoned breaks free, which terrifies him. After Link successfully seals it away for the first time, Groose came to understand why Link was chosen, but he then sulks in despondency over how useless he felt. but as Link was gathering the Sacred Flames to strengthen his Goddess Sword, Groose realizes that he can still contribute in a small meaningful way, so builds a railroad with a catapult which he calls the Groosenater which would help Link fight The Imprisoned, which leads him to become a mature and much better person than he used to be and starts treating Link like a friend after seeing the supposed "loser" go all out to be a true hero.
    3. Speaking of humor, Groose has one of the most memorable and humorous scenes in the game where he falls on Link as he was descending to the Surface.
    4. Some great lines likeː
      • "You lay off the do right now, or I'll flatten you. Everyone knows I've got the slickest pompadour in town."
      • You know, Link... It's sort of all right down here. This place needs a name. Yeah... A name fitting for this rugged, adventurous wilderness. From now on, we'll call it... Grooseland!"
      • "Nice going, you two. You guys were totally amazing in this little adventure I like to call the Legend of Groose. ...That's a little joke."
    5. Groose is a huge help during the last two battles with The Imprisoned, who is one of the worst bosses in the game, where he will launch bombs at it when it tries to climb or fly up to the Sealed Temple.
    6. Near the end of the game when Ghirahim attacked Link and Zelda and kidnaps the latter so he can sacrifice her to Demise, Groose has a moment where he tries to defend the old woman and even though he ended up failing, this was still a good moment.
    7. After Demise was resurrected and tosses the lifeless Zelda away, Groose runs in and manages to catch her, which saves her life.
    8. When it turned out that the old woman turned out to be Impa the whole time, with the young Impa having come from the past, and she vanished which ends in her death, Groose grew mournful over her due to how much he has bonded with her since arriving at the Surface. It turns out that Groose was much more of a caring person than he would be given credit for.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. Before his character development, Groose was very callous and was quite a nasty bully which can sometimes be off-putting, especially when he becomes verbally aggressive.


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