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    Greg Universe
    "If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Music Man
    Age: 40-42
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Tom Scharpling
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Steven Universe
    First appearance: Laser Light Cannon (Steven Universe)
    Last appearance: The Future (Steven Universe Future)

    Greg Universe also known as Gregory DeMayo (his birth-name) is a character that appears in Steven Universe. He is Steven's dad who is the romantic partner of the now-deceased Rose Quartz. Greg was one a traveling musician who dropped out of college and left his family thus becoming a one-man band known as Mr. Universe. When Rose gave up her physical form in order to give birth to Steven, Greg has been supporting Steven since he was born.

    Why He's a Rockin' Father to Steven

    1. As mentioned earlier, he does a good job giving support for his son Steven. In fact, this makes Steg (a fusion between the two characters) receive an effortless process meaning that there is complete trust and understanding between the father and son.
    2. Steven isn't the only one Greg cares for a lot. He deeply cares about his loved ones and friends like Rose Quartz.
    3. He has an honest attitude which means that he tells the truth regarding his feeling as an individual.
    4. Even though Greg isn't knowledgeable about many situations he faces, he does his best giving good advice based on his own experiences which may have much value in simplicity.
    5. Though he gets paranoid about the worst that ever happens to Steven, he is willing to but on his brave face. This made Steven happy as a result.
    6. He's a good helper to those in need like when he gave Connie support in We Need to Talk.
    7. Even he can let go of his past as seen in Maximum Capacity. That right there is character development.
    8. At first, Greg and the Crystal Gems would rarely interact with each other, but Greg started to warm up to each other in recent years. An example of this is Mr. Greg.
    9. He's an excellent sound engineer. In The Message, he manages to transfer the sound from the wailing stone into music and then a video.
    10. He's makes some really good songs. In fact, he can even reach people through music. He also does a pretty good singing voice as well.
    11. If he were to make a wrong choice, he takes full responsibility and use his will power to do whatever he can to make it up.

    Bad Qualities That Don’t Rock

    1. He can sometimes be immature such as messing around with watermelons in Watermelon Steven.
    2. As mentioned before, he did made some wrong choices such as dropping out of college.
    3. Some advice he has given can be invaluable to numerous people around him.
    4. He feels uncomfortable with Gem powers to the point where he calls it "magic stuff".
    5. Because of how he was affected by Rose's passing, he did let refused to let go of his past.
    6. In earlier Steven Universe episodes, Greg and the Gems seem uncomfortable around each other sometimes due to the circumstances surrounding Steven's birth, and consequently Rose's death. Heck, even Greg and Pearl were rivals for Rose's love.


    • Rebecca Sugar said that Greg Universe is her favorite character from the show
    • It was revealed in "Coach Steven" that Greg used to work out before, but he has been putting it off for decades.
    • Greg is out of touch with pop culture, commenting in "Reformed" that he does not understand anything anymore when asked if he understood Crying Breakfast Friends!.
    • According to an in-character interview, his favorite comic books include many kid-oriented titles published by Harvey Comics, such as Richie Rich and Casper the Friendly Ghost, which he has given to Steven, and the more adult-oriented SF comic Heavy Metal, which he says Steven will get when he is older.
    • Greg is likely a fan of the 70s rock band, Queen. One example is when News of the World can be seen in The Message.
    • Lamar Abrams revealed in an interview that Greg and Garnet play tennis during weekends. It was shown in Letters to Lars
    • In Steven Universe: Art & Origins it is revealed that, in early drawings, Greg was called "Tom Universe" because Rebecca Sugar wanted Tom Scharpling to play the role. The name was changed to Greg before approaching Scharpling for "the avoiding of awkwardness".


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