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    Green Lantern/Jessica Cruz (DC Super Hero Girls 2019)

    Jessica Cruz (DC Super Hero Girls 2019)
    Jessica Cruz 2019.png
    "You fixed it! I can’t believe it, you guys are the best, thank you so much!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Hilarious, Cute, Brave, Shy and Friendly Environmental Superhero
    Age: 16
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Myrna Velasco
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: DC Super Hero Girls

    Jessica Cruz is one of the main characters in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is a Green Lantern, a member of the Super Hero Girls, the daughter of Angela and Siobhan Cruz, the older sister of Sara Cruz and a student at Metropolis High School.

    Why She Rocks

    1. She's a very likable hero who she and her friends are willing to stop crime in Metropolis.
    2. Her voice performance by Myrna Velasco is great.
    3. Her friendship with her friends is wonderful, especially with the rest of the Super Hero Girls, her one-sided friendship with Pamela Isley, and her friendship with Hal Jordan as well.
    4. She can be sympathizing to others, such as sympathizing with Star Sapphire (even though she's super clingy) when Hal Jordan broke up with her over text, not helping that he openly said he put a smiley face in the text, to which Jessica considers this to be the lowest thing Hal has ever done.
      • She even manages to calm Star Sapphire down and comfort her while telling her that she can do so much better than Hal Jordan, and tells her that she'll find the love she needs when she learns to love herself. This melted Star Sapphire's heart (at least during that moment) and she even admitted that if Hal can't appreciate her, then he isn't good enough for her, even though she vows that she will make Hal good enough for her someday.
    5. She has good talents as well, such as using her ring for her environments.
    6. She showed remorse for accidentally killing a 300 year old tree that she (as Jessica) and Pamela were trying to save from getting torn down in #MisgivingTree.
      • She even tends to show hope, mainly at Pamela Isley, as when she and Pamela noticed an acorn by the stump of the ancient tree. Jessica even helps her plant it, along with telling her there's no such thing as a lost cause.
    7. She even learns to be okay with the fact that she can’t always manage Supergirl's anger, and that she can manage it on her own.
    8. When she notices a bad situation, she immediately gets to resolving it, even though she is against violence.
    9. Her character design is cute.
    10. She has a lot of funny and iconic moments in the series.
      • In fact, she’s not only a good reboot of Green Lantern (from the first incarnation of DC SHG) done right, she’s also basically Cyborg form Teen Titans GO! done right.

    Bad Qualities

    1. There are some episodes where she is unlikable and/or where she can be at her worst, especially the infamous Retreat, as she forces her friends, Garth, Barbara, Karen, and Hal to not use their powers and superhero equipment at camp and leave them in a bag at a random tree in the woods which is very stupid and hypocritical of her since she was friends with certain people like Zee Zatara and Kara Danvers who were both born with superpowers, as a result of her actions, they easily get defeated by the plant zombie army by literality inviting Pamela Lillian Isley/Poison Ivy even though she tried to kill Jessica in the previous episodes such as Misgiving Tree which is something that makes Jessica feel more like an unintentional antagonist rather than a member of the Super Hero Girls.
      • Aside from Retreat, she can be very stupid at times, as she actually tries to give away Dexter to other people and even keeps him as a pet even though he threatens people when Jessica could simply just put him back in his cage at the pet adaption centre under the employees’ orders with maximum security or take him to a animal pound and leave him alone in Rage Cat.
    2. She can be a total hypocrite when it comes to believing in violence, since in Sweet Justice, she told Diana that she don't believe in violence, though in some later episodes, she did a couple of violent things including, but not limited to;
      • Hitting Hal Jordan in the arm at the end of #HateTriangle, although he deserved it.
      • Trying to kill Steve Trevor along with Kara, Karen and Zee just because he falls in love with Diana in Crushing It.
      • Threatening to beat up Hal Jordan in Breaking News.
      • There were also times that she was careless about anyone fighting such as Scrambled Eggs (the show’s version of Get the Hock Out from Buddy Thunderstruck).


    • She is the only female in the Green Lantern Corps.


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