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    Gelatin (BFDIA 1-IDFB 1, BFB 19-present)

    There isn't enough room up here. [...] That's better!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Self-Centered But Hilarious Comic Relief Intellectual
    Species: Jello
    Portrayed by: Graham Taylor (BFDIA 1–5e, BFB 1-23)
    Ian Woodside (BFDIA 6-present, BFB 24-present)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Battle for Dream Island

    Gelatin is a male contestant in Battle for Dream Island Again, IDFB, and Battle for BFB.

    Why He Deserves Jello (Good Qualities for BFB 19-30)

    1. He's one of the calmer and more laid-back contestants, and he rarely complains during challenges, unlike the others.
    2. He's quite a nice and intelligent person who cares about his teammates.
    3. He has tons of funny moments, such examples include him yelling out "Gelatin & Lollipop!" in BFB 22, and when he said "I always liked deep-fried donuts"
    4. Yes, he's definitely not without his flaws, but he's learned from his mistakes and he is generally fun-loving, energetic & upbeat.
    5. Depending on your point of view, He is the meme lord of BFB, as most of his lines are funny.
    6. He is very good at beatboxing, as shown in BFB 16 & BFB 30.
    7. He's a very smart guy, and he also made freeze juice.
    8. Although he did screw up a lot for most of BFB. He got back his laid-back, kind-hearted personality in BFB 17.
    9. Gelatin eating blue dirt in BFB 28 was definitely a good meme.
    10. He is the only BFB contestant to appear in every episode of BFB, which is epic!
    11. He is a very cool character, despite his various blunders.
    12. He cares about others very much, for example in Zeeky Boogy Doog where he saves Match from being crushed by the HPRC.

    Bad Qualities

    1. During season 4a, he was very unlikable as he was since he went an intelligent, laid-back nice guy to a self-centered, unlikable, and reckless idiot who has no problem causing mayhem for his teammates. Fortunately, he would redeem himself.
    2. He has a tendency to push off his teammates for no reason, and as a result of that, most of his teammates don't get along with him well, especially Fries and Donut.
    3. Even after being flanderized from BFB 1 to BFB 18, he can still be annoying at times, such as in BFB 22, where he was repeatedly screaming "GELATIN & LOLLIPOP!"
    4. He can be considered out of character in BFDIA 8, He got W.O.A.H. Bunch up for elimination where he gives Puffball Speaker Box a sunglasses with yellow effect. Even then, it was to protect his old team, so this can be seen as justified.


    • His birthday is considered to be on June 29, 2012, which was the same day BFDIA 1 came out, meaning that Gelatin is 11 years old by official debut, but he doesn't have a canonical age.
    • Gelatin is implied to have a wide variety of mental disorders (ADHD and Antisocial personality disorder in particular).


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