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    Gandhi (Clone High)
    "Say WHAAAT!?"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Class Clown Clone of Mahatma Gandhi
    Age: 16
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Michel McDonald
    Status: Frozen
    Media of origin: Clone High

    Mohandas "Mahatma" Karamchand Gandhi, mostly referred as simply Gandhi is the tritagonist of Clone High in season 1 only. He is the clone of Indian statesman Mahatma Gandhi. Unlike his original counterpart, Gandhi is a fun-loving, hyperactive teenage slacker, who lives in the moment and provides the shows comic relief. He is friends with Abe and Joan of Arc. Though he has the tendency to lie and betray them, he does change his ways afterwords and still remains a loyal and supportive friend to them.

    He is voiced by Michael McDonald.

    Why He Rocks the G-Spot

    1. Along with JFK, he is one of the funniest characters in the series and has the most memorable moments in the series.
    2. He is mostly a good friend to Abe and Joan as he's always there for them and is very supportive.
    3. The subplots about him are always entertaining to watch and never fails to make you crack up.
    4. In "Changes: The Big Prom: The Sex Prom: The Season Finale", he made Abe come to his senses and told him that Joan was in love with him.
    5. His relationship with Marie is really cute.
    6. At first, he and JFK were enemies, but as the show went on, the two actually became really good friends and make for a pretty fun duo.
    7. He tries to be friends with everyone he meets, even the ones who don't seem to like him.
    8. His design is good and memorable as it does look identical to his clone father.
    9. Michael McDonald did a very good job voicing him.
      • "G-Spot rocks the G-spot!"
      • "A.D.D.? Am I… dying?"
      • "Oh, wow I… I need a minute to think about this."

    Bad Qualities

    1. So far, he is not present in the 2023 reboot, being canonically written off the show as the only clone not to be defrosted from the freezer, due to the controversy surrounding him being the reason the original series was cancelled.
    2. He can be pretty cruel at times such as in "Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand", when he called Van Gogh and puts him on speaker to embarrass him in front of of everyone at the party. Luckily, he gets karma because of it.
    3. He could also be kinda annoying at times, but this is pretty rare.


    • Gandhi, Abe, and JFK are all the main characters whose clone fathers died by assassination.
    • Gandhi and Cleo are the only two main clones to have never sat at the thinking docks.
    • Gandhi is the first character in the series to do the Hands of Sincerity, doing them in "Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand", when melodramatically lying about how much he cares about the Teen Crisis Hotline.
    • Unlike his original predecessor, Gandhi is Jewish rather than Hindu due to his foster parents being Jewish.
    • The original Gandhi was cremated, in accordance with Hindu funerary rites. How his DNA was found is unexplained.
    • He appears to be much shorter than his clone father, who was 5'5" (165 centimeters). Gandhi is around 4'0" on the show.
    • Gandhi is the reason why the series was cancelled, as his unflattering portrayal offended several Hindu people and caused them to go on hunger strikes and stage protests against MTV for insulting their religious idol.
      • Had the series not been canceled after its first season, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller thought of several ideas on how to work around this, by either having the character written out of the show or having it be revealed that he’s actually the clone of the late American actor Gary Coleman.
      • In the 2023 reboot, Gandhi's in-universe justification for no longer being in the show is that he was not defrosted like all of the other clones for some reason. It’s confirmed that he may be thawed out of the series gets renewed for a fourth season.
    • When the streaming service HBO Max picked up a revival of Clone High, it ordered two new seasons, bringing the shows total up to three. While there are no plans for Gandhi to appear in the revival for the time being, Lord and Miller say he could come back if an additional season is ordered. The duo admitted to TVLine that they decided to keep Gandhi frozen because they were "indecisive" regarding how to handle him. "You don’t want to kill him or something, then have it just be over," Lord explained. "He’s still there, able to thaw out if there’s a season 4."



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