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    Gabriella Montez
    "Like Kindergarten."
    Gender: Female
    Type: East High's Sweetheart
    Freaky Genius Girl who became Troy's Girlfriend
    Age: 16 (High School Musical)
    17 (High School Musical 2)
    18 (High School Musical 3: Senior Year)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Vanessa Hudgens
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: High School Musical
    First appearance: High School Musical (2006)
    Last appearance: High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)

    Gabriella Montez is a main character in Disney's High School Musical trilogy. She's a (former) transfer student who is academically gifted. She is the girlfriend of Troy Bolton who participates in academic decathlons and theater. As of High School Musical 3: Senior Year, she graduated from East High School and pursues pre-law in Stanford.

    Why She's The School's "Freaky Genius Girl"

    1. She is shown to be very academically gifted as she won awards for her intelligence and won the East High Scholastic Decathlon.
    2. She is sweet, kind, caring, and outgoing, always going out of her way to help others and give them suppor.
    3. She has some great musical numbers like her solos "When There Was Me & You" and "Walk Away", her duets with Troy, and the ensemble numbers.
    4. Her shyness gives her character some depth and she gains character development where she becomes more outgoing and confident.
    5. She has a cute and memorable relationship with Troy. She supports him whenever needed and has very adorable moments with him.
    6. She has a good friendship with Taylor. Taylor would support Gabriella in both her academics and her relationship with Troy.
      • She also has a good close friendship with Kelsi and Martha and even a decent frenemy relationship with Sharpay.
    7. She is greatly portrayed by the lovely Vanessa Hudgens.
    8. In the first and second films, she is shown to be good at making a shot at basketball.
    9. Her giggles and laughs are very cute.
    10. Her outfits are very cute, especially the dresses.
    11. Her 'T' necklace that Troy gave her is infamous but still iconic.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Depending on your POV, she can be considered a Mary Sue.
    2. She was a bit problematic in High School Musical 2. While she was good in the first half, she ruined her character in the second half where she gets upset at Troy for trying to have a brighter future, and breaks up with him because of it. However, she redeemed herself at the end of the film.
    3. She is very insecure about herself, like in High School Musical 3: Senior Year when she doesn't know whether to go to Stanford University's freshman honors program or to stay in Albuquerque and take Local colleges and stay with Troy until she's ready. Thankfully, Troy convinces her to go with pizza and chocolate covered strawberries.
    4. She is shown to not take music seriously, especially when she was late for both auditions and hoped Ms. Darbus to make an exception and in the third film when she dropped out of the musical to go to Stanford, especially when considering she convinced everyone to do the musical and she is the lead.
    5. She ignored Troy in the rising action of the first film without telling him why she won't talk to him, causing Troy to be heartbroken, but this is understandable since Troy lied about her meaning nothing to him.
    6. She can be a bit naïve at times, especially when she isn't aware of Sharpay's arrogance.
    7. Her (or her actress Vanessa Hudgens') laugh can be annoying to some.


    • Gabriella is the youngest of the High School Musical, High School Musical 2 and High School Musical 3: Senior Year groups.
    • When Gabriella started East High, she called herself " The School's Freaky Genius Girl"
    • Gabriella's Zodiac is Gemini.
    • According to Sharpay, Gabriella has moved every summer for the past five years. Meaning her mom had been transferred every year since Gabriella was about 11.
    • Even though Vanessa Hudgens is of Filipino descent, Gabriella is meant to be Hispanic. Contrary to the belief of some HSM fans.


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