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    Fred Luckpuig
    "Just lucky, that good old coincidence again. Hehe... That's all."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Lucky Boy
    Age: 13 (other languages)
    15 (English and Portuguese)
    16 (as of episode 44)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Cory Doran (North America)
    Rupert Degas (season 1; UK)
    Rasmus Hardiker (season 2; UK)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Lucky Fred

    Frederick "Fred" Luckpuig is the titular main character of Lucky Fred. He is a sixteen-year-old, Jazzberry Jam-Loulou haired boy that goes to high school with his only "girl" friend Braianna and robot buddy Friday. Fred is under three different teachers in a class of 12 students. Fred also has a crush on Nora, even though Fred always fails to have normal conversation with her due to his stupid behavior, but she already knows.

    He was voiced by Cory Doran in North America, Rupert Degas (season 1) and Rasmus Hardiker (season 2) in UK.

    Why He's Lucky

    1. He is lucky and tolerable.
    2. He has cute relationships with Agent Brains, Friday and Super Commander.
    3. He has a lot of funny moments.
    4. His character design is excellent.
    5. He is an amazing protector.
    6. His voice actors do great job voicing him.
    7. In "The Smelly Princess", he meet Iria.

    Not-So-Lucky Qualities

    1. He was unfunny and unlikable at times.
    2. He was mean-spirited in Unlucky Fred.


    • He dreams of one becoming a Protector with the alias "Agent Fred".
    • He is the only host of Slimetra's that was able to resist from her control.
    • He is the only character that has two known parents.
    • He and Nora are currently dating as of Episode 13.
    • He was born exactly at 4:37 AM.
    • His decisions and ideas are all made because of his lucky dice.
    • When he first met Friday it was by an intentional collision not accidental which is very different from that was shown in the opening of the series.
    • He is afraid of spiders.
    • He's terrible at playing musical instruments but is very good at whistling harmoniously.
    • He doesn't shower much often.
    • He prefers to be infected with an alien virus than receive a shot to be cured.
    • He is the only character to have a major role in every episode.


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