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    Fred Figglehorn (YouTube counterpart)

    "I DON'T TALK LIKE THAT!!!" — Tori Vega
    This page is a candidate for deletion.

    The following reason has been specified: Watching the FЯED videos plus the movies has made me realize he was always an unsympathetically annoying, unlikable, charmless, unfunny nitwit who makes the lives of those around him miserable with his mere presence and serves the poor reception he gets; the movies just amplified his obnoxiousness.

    Fred Figglehorn (YouTube counterpart)
    Hey, it's Fred! And YouTube is where I was at my best.
    Gender: Male
    Type: The Weird yet Hilarious Dork
    Age: 6
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Lucas Cruikshank
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: FЯED (YouTube series)

    Fred Figglehorn (AKA FЯED) is an Internet meme and YouTube character created and portrayed by Lucas Cruikshank. Fred Figglehorn is a hyperactive and socially awkward protagonist who is the main protagonist of the FЯED franchise. This page focuses on his YouTube videos, where he was good.

    Why He Is Our Fred Figglehorn

    1. Fred is a very hyperactive and weird, but hilarious and likable character.
    2. He is irreverent, but he is mostly tame.
    3. His YouTube channel was pretty good, as it was shown to have his wacky adventures in the 2000s, which were all fun to watch, and his adventures from 2013 to 2014 were decent at best.
    4. He became an internet meme.
    5. Lucas Cruikshank portrayed Fred decently.
    6. He may do bad things sometimes, but he isn't as bad as his mom.
    7. He has good publicity and was good in 2006-2009, and his YouTube self, while still likable, was unpopular in 2010-2012, due to his unlikable movie and TV self, but after those ended, his popularity was recovered and he became liked again from 2013 until the end of his YouTube series in 2014. He even remains likable in his special YouTube videos outside of his own series (made by Lucas).
    8. His high-pitched voice is cute and comical and sounds just like how a six-year-old kid would've sounded like, despite being portrayed by Lucas Cruikshank whom was a pre-teen at the time the web series came out.
    9. He is actually smart and provided educational values.
    10. He is a good influence on everyone.
    11. With Fred, safety is NOT an issue and he has GREAT user content.
    12. He made a special guest appearance on The Annoying Orange, and that YouTube channel since then has used him as a rare gag, which is still funny, specifically in Ask Orange.
    13. Despite his immature behaviour, he's basically a quirky six-year-old boy which kids themselves can relate to and identify with, especially those whom are at Fred's age.
    14. While he had a movie and TV counterpart that did go downhill in 2010-2012 (see link to that in Bad Qualities), his YouTube counterpart remained the same, and he thankfully recovered his popularity in 2013-2014, and those were his last good years being liked, as his YouTube series ended in 2014, and so his legacy ended on a high note.
    15. He has funny, memorable lines such as ”Oh my gammit” and ”Hey! It's Fred!”

    "Oh My Gammit" Qualities

    1. His screaming and high-pitched voice can be annoying and ear-piercing at times.
    2. His fourth-wall breaking can be annoying at times, although it's understandable since he is mostly talking to his viewers.
    3. He is sometimes a spoiled brat, a creep, and a wimp, though that is understandable since he's only six years old.
    4. He can be mean-spirited sometimes.
    5. His "Oh my gammit" line gets old very quickly and will give you a nerve.
    6. He made an unnecessary appearance in the iCarly episode iMeet Fred. Understandably, said episode is hated by many fans.
    7. From 2010-2012, he had a movie and TV counterpart that has been horribly flanderized , as reflected in his awful movies and TV show that aired on Nickelodeon (because apparently the Nickelodeon executives heavily missed the point of the Fred Figglehorn character and therefore incorrectly interpreted the Fred character as an extremely immature teen with an unusually high-pitched voice who NEVER acts his age and with a developed mental disorder), similar to the Annoying Orange’s case. Thankfully, those didn’t effect his YouTube self outside of his popularity, and after those movies and TV show ended, he did recover his popularity, as mentioned above.


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