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    "Hello! I'm the star of the show."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Hilarious and Kooky Superhero
    Age: Teenager
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Paul Rugg
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Freakazoid!

    "🎵Check out Dexter Douglas
    Nerd, computer ace
    Was surfing on the internet and was zapped to cyberspace
    He turned into the Freakazoid
    He's strong and super quick
    He drives the villains crazy, cause he's a lunatic!!🎵
    Freakazoid intro

    Dexter Douglas, better known as Freakazoid, is the titular protagonist of the 1995-97 animated television series with the same first name. He was originally created by the Animaniacs team and the Batman: The Animated Series designers.

    Why He's a Lunatic in the Right Way

    1. He's an underrated superhero and Warner Bros. character of the show, produced by Steven Spielberg, who is considered the most beloved.
    2. His original alter ego, Dexter Douglas, is adorable and relatable.
      • He and Dexter are a perfect foil that works well off each other. Dexter is a loner and a computer ace who is very insecure, unlucky, and discreet, whereas Freakazoid is a magical quasi superhero and a maniac who's boisterous, uninhibited, unhinged, childish, and crazy with a fun and light-hearted side to his buffoonery.
    3. His relentless rivalry with his macho stepbrother Duncan Douglas is just fun to watch. Especially when Freakazoid serves as the far more playful, energetic, and forceful side for Dexter that gives Duncan a piece of his medicine in an ever so satisfying way.
    4. He may be extremely naïve, quirky, goofy, clownish, and impulsive, but he is very likable and has an incredibly zany sense of humor. Even when he screws around without doing anything useful.
    5. He provides many funny moments. From his acts of yelling to his acts of goofiness taken to a hilarious extent.
    6. He is a lunatic who may not be quite as book smart, and is usually scatterbrained, manic, and acts like a doofus most of the time, but he is rather street smart and has shown signs of intelligence outside of his lunacy and ineptitude.
    7. Similar to how Bonkers and especially the Warner Siblings from Animaniacs, he was well-remembered for his funny, zany and uncontrollable antics. Except with a different edge to his personality and style of humor that stands out from the characters mentioned above, mainly because of having a screwball-type of personality that resembles the combination between Daffy Duck and Deadpool in a way.
    8. Not only was he a satirical take on 90s superheroes, but he was also one of the most unforgettable idiot-heroes of animation that is on par with Earthworm Jim and The Tick.
      • Where Freakazoid is generally dense and flat-out insane. He can be quite clever & talented with his heroic actions from time to time, especially when he is proven to be very competent and fair-minded at times, despite his manchild mannerisms and/or kooky behavior.
    9. He can also be helpful towards others including Dexter himself and even Dexter's friends despite how he acts, a la Darkwing Duck.
    10. He is positively a non-anime pervert, especially for Japanese fans.
    11. Except for Cosgrove, Steff, Roddy MacStew, and Professor Jones, no one has to find out Freakazoid's true identity.
    12. It is said that his powers are to impress girls, so for the imagination of the fans of the show, Freakazoid, as a good friend and brother to Dexter, particularly is to impress Japanese anime girls (magical girls in particular).
    13. His clumsiness and foolishness are taken to a positive extent, to the point where it is very enjoyable and hilarious to watch.
    14. He has various, nice, and extremely entertaining relationships with the villains he battles: his archenemy The Lobe, and others: Cave Guy, Longhorn, Cobra Queen, Candle Jack, and even Armondo Guitierrez (except for Waylon Jeepers that whom Freakazoid has seriously a mediocre relationship).
    15. In episode 15, Freakazoid discusses with Wakko Warner and the Brain the fact of what Steven Spielberg's favorite show is.

    Bad Qualities

    1. His loud noises and acts of yelling can be annoying at times (but thankfully, it came off as amusing for just about every fan of the show).
    2. Freakazoid is a rejected Looney Tunes character because it doesn't make sense for original Warner Bros. characters.
    3. He had a considerably bad relationship with the villain, Waylon Jeepers.



    • Freakazoid is positively besieged by Italian and Japanese fans.
    • Freakazoid made cameos in two episodes of Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain.
    • The show is considered laughable and every fan laughs contagiously for having various factors like many happy, zany, and entertaining moments.
    • He appears in a good and positively received Teen Titans Go! episode called "Huggbees".


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