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    "Don't you want to battle for a prize?"
    Gender: Genderless
    Type: A Chaotic and Menacing, yet Well-Meaning Host
    Species: Algebralian
    Portrayed by: Michael Huang
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: X Finds Out His Value (semi-canon)
    Battle for BFDI (first canonical appearance)

    Four is an integer, the main host of BFB, as well as one of the three main antagonists (alongside Announcer and Purple Face) of BFB, and the non-canon one-episode series, Battle for Permission to Meet 10. Four and their co-host X first appeared in the 2008 video "X Finds Out His Value". They appear to be abstract beings representing real-life numbers, letters, or algebraic variables, but wouldn't canonically appear until in Battle for BFDI where the two serve as the hosts for the show.

    Why They Rock

    1. In their debut, they started out as very calm, well-meaning, and understanding number, and caring about their friends. Then once they've become a more established character in BFB onwards, they carry on the spirit of BFB as they may be seen as a menacing eldritch abomination, and a hate sink to the contestants. But that's what makes them a fun, hilarious, charming, and memorable host out of universe for these reasons explained in the following pointers. Enough to be a fan-favorite by many, and one of JacknJellify's mascots.
      • Though they personally like to torment their own contestants and even his own friend, X, for fun, they did start to tone down a bit of his sadistic tendencies by the time he was brought back in the show in BFB 10. Not to mention, even though his redemption may have felt forced, he did mellow out by the end of the series and apologized for their mean-spirited and cruel actions to the remaining contestants, along with the Announcer for stealing his show.
    2. Their friendship with X is memorable for the following reasons:
      • He helped X on how to get his value, for example, they put X on the seesaw and helped him find his value.
      • They're very encouraging, as they told X to never give up.
      • They also consider X to be a "true blue friend" or "true yellow friend". signifying their closeness of being friends.
      • He also thanked X for hosting BFB during his absence, as he was multiplied by zero (Donut) by ABNTT around BFB 6 - 10.
    3. They're kind-hearted and upbeat deep down. As they're shown to be nice to a few contestants and the other algebralians, even if they're on bad terms with each other. For example:
      • They seem to be in good terms with Dora. Well, at least before she got eliminated. As they're able to understand what she says and that Dora was able to make Four agree to do what she says when team Bleh got stuck underneath the lava.
      • They rewarded Pin a Gratitude Token after bringing them back to life in BFB 10.
      • In the non-canon short, "Thanks for 700, 000 Subscribers!", he also apologized to Eight for calling them "too heavy" as a call-back to "X Finds Out His Value".
      • Moreover, they told off Ten and Six in "Thanks for 1,000,000 Subscribers!" for bullying each other.
    4. Like the other algebralians, they have a crudely drawn and simplistic, yet memorable design that makes them stand out from the other characters.
    5. His signature scene of zapping Gelatin is very satisfying to watch, as the latter faces repercussions for throwing forks at him.
    6. In addition to his zappies, he has other powers that compliment well with his supernatural and chaotic nature, such as:
      • Having the ability to recover contestants. Which is a good thing, as there were no other recovery centers throughout the entire time they were hosting.
      • The screechies. Even though he screeches at X or other contestants for laughs and his personal enjoyment, at least this can be implied as well that he doesn't tolerate any nonsense whatsoever. Although its too bad that it is rarely used these days as Four was told by X beginning in post-split to tone down with the screeching.
      • Sending off the eliminated contestants to the EXIT (or Eternal Algebra Class Withfour). While it does seem like a torture place for the pre-split BFB eliminated contestants, they were indirectly responsible for making it a place where the EXITors eventually develop friendships and trust towards one another. Such as Liy eventually befriending Stapy despite being depicted as rivals at first. And also Pencil and Match befriending their fellow EXITors such as Bracelety, 8-Ball, David, Dora, Liy, Stapy, and Roboty; rather than just limiting thier interactions to their own alliance all the time.
    7. Throughout the series, they have some of their most memorable lines of dialogue, including but not limited to:
      • "Doo da doo doo doo, doo doo do..."(His humming sound which was used in XFOHV, BFB 3, BFB 10, and Thanks for 700,000 subscribers!)
      • "Don't you want to battle for a prize?" (Him introducing a BFDI prize)
      • "The Losers are safe. You know who's not safe? Voters aren't safe." and later "No. I played a joke on you. [BEEP] not safe."
      • "It's time!" (during that aforementioned scene where he zaps Gelatin)
      • "It's brake at flake!"
      • "Team Death PACT. Assemble or tremble!" (Four calling Death PACT to attend the elimination area)
      • "Pudgy? You think this is PUDGYYYYYYYYYYY??" (Right before he chases down and kills Basketball for accidentally making an insesnitive remark)
      • "I, AM NEXT LEVEL, MAD."
      • "Despite your popularity, you...got... eliminated!" (Four singing his message to Loser. Fun fact, there's an entire song about it.)
      • "Despite your popularity, you four got in a four-way battle. That almost ended in a four-way tie for last place!" (Four singing about the vote wars between Blocky, Taco, Flower, and Firey.)
      • We do not tolerate cyberbullying here!" (From the "Thanks for 700,000 subscribers!" video)
      • "Let that be a lesson to [Snowball]! And [Tennis Ball]! And TwOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" (Four starting the TPOT 6 intro)
      • "How can you be so grumpy? Six years is a blink of an eye. 'It's not eternity.'"
    8. In "TPOT 6"; he and X gave hospitality to the debuters of TPOT that didn't make it to Two's show once BFB ended. As it gave it food for them to enjoy.
    9. They also have a valid reason to not share it with the TPOT contestants, as Two is the one that provides for them, not it and X.
    10. He and X were very kind to Clock during his time bonding together in the kitchen; even if he did not appreciate it very much. They were kind enough to take him to a fishing trip, and was hurt right after he saw Two sending Clock to their elimination place, right after the latter patched things up with Winner.
      • Oh, and speaking of Clock, even though he's technically eliminated from TPOT, Four sensed that he was needed, so he sent him to enter Winner's nightmare anyway while his remaining team members are still competing in order for Clock to patch things up with Winner once and for all.
    11. It has been shown that while Four may appear to be one of the most powerful beings in the BFDI universe, they're not actually overpowered for the following reasons:
      • Their rival, Two, can be just as powerful as they are. Perhaps even more so. Since they kept getting beaten up by Two and persuaded most of their contestants to compete in their show, The Power of Two, while Four was in the middle of hosting BFB. Lucky for them, Four was able to win back a few of their contestants by changing the prize from a BFDI to a BFB.
      • They've actually demonstrated to be much weaker inside their consciousness. Particularly when being faced against the EXITORS, and that said characters easily defeated him in the games they set up during their escape.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Four does go too far with torturing their contestants at times, especially between BFB 3-6. Which is why they got their karma once they got multiplied by the factor with Zero (Donut) by A Better Name Than That.
      • In addition his screeching may be an iconic aspect of them, it can get pretty old and pretty stale after a while. To the point where Foldy didn't find this funny in BFB 4, and even his own friend, X, didn't like it when Four screeched at Lollipop.
      • On the other hand in the topic of screeching, fans did not like it when his screeching was toned down beginning in post-split. Sure, it got old, but still. This took away one of the most important aspects of his character, if we take his menacing attitude to consideration.
    2. Four only recovers contestants upon request by the contestants, and sometimes, they refuse to do so. Even not telling the others who specifically went missing or dead. For example. After killng Clock off-screen (which was some time after BFB 10), he didn't recover him until BFB 15, causing his own team members to forget about him.
    3. While it could have worked to have Four be more empathetic and have him redeem himself, it goes against their characterization of being seen a chaotic and menacing character that is meant to be hated in-universe. Not to mention, Four's redemption in post-split feels forced, as they tried too hard to make the viewers feel sorry for him. Though at least this most likely applies to the post-split BFB contestants only, as they're back to their usual self in TPOT with the rest of the characters (which also includes the EXITORs inside them).[1][2]
    4. Along with X, they still haven't explained why they returned in TPOT other than fanservice. Since it would have implied that he just left the post-split contestants behind right after their show is over.
    5. They may have acted way too hostile when protecting their food from thieves in "TPOT 6".
    6. In "TPOT 11" they tried to keep the EXITors inside him for 6 years, which doesn't sound fair, since BFB ended around that point of time.


    • Four's character traits is what heavily inspired to be the personality of Caine from The Amazing Digital Circus.




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