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    "It's warm. It's cozy. And safe. Like somebody's whispering in your ear. Everything's gonna be okay."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Handcrafted toy
    Species: Plastic Spork
    Portrayed by: Tony Hale
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 'Toy Story'

    Forky is a major character in Toy Story 4 who is a then-new character created for the fourth installment of Toy Story. He is a handcrafted toy created by Bonnie during her first time in kindergarten. Forky comes to life, but he does have a lot to learn about life.

    Sporky Qualities

    1. For the first time in Toy Story history, we get to learn more about toys that are like Forky. He sets a decent example of a character who is just a simple craft of Bonnie.
    2. Forky's actions are sometimes worth a chuckle from attempting to escape an RV to throwing himself in the trash. Even when he first learns about life as a toy, some can find him entertaining.
    3. Forky throughout the film learns how to appreciate life overall despite being a craft that comes from the trash. In one scene of the film, Forky and Woody have a conversation. Another scene has Forky meeting Gabby Gabby and having a nice conversation with each other. Also, he started to become like a good student towards the afformed characters.
      • This can also be a vague sign of character development. He thinks he's trash at first, but he realizes how much he means to Bonnie.
    4. With the influence of Woody, Forky shows a kind-hearted and warm personality. With most of the cast, he's friendly to many. Even got to be friends with Gabby Gabby and learned about her troubled past due to her voice box.
    5. His design is simple yet cute for a craft.
    6. Forky is curious about stuff. He has his own series called Forky Asks a Question where he questions toys about random topics like money and art. In some cases, he would understand after being taught.
    7. Ever since Forky came into existence, he managed to receive popularity online due to many people claiming that he can be relatable to his personality and insecurities.
    8. Tony Hale does a great job voicing him.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He used to have an existential crisis and is self-loathing to the point he considers himself to be trash. Even going as far as causing problems to the story, albeit unintentionally knowing the consequences of this, this makes his suicidal antics come across as more annoying and obnoxious than funny.
      • It's also an offensive and sad gimmick for the fact, Forky's suicidal behavior is played up for laughs like it's an inoffensive thing about him.
    2. It's never explained how Forky came to life. Though the Toy Story series never did explain how toys can come to life, characters like Forky seem to be a bigger problem as he's a piece of craftsmanship compared to toys being created by hand. He doesn't even know how he came to life after one year of his existence, as revealed in Forky Asks a Question.
      • Even after existing for about a year, Forky still doesn't know how he is alive.
      • The infamous scene when Forky first comes to life and screams in front of Woody.
    3. He's extremely naive, but at least he's nowhere near stupid. The TV show Forky Asks a Question, proves this.


    • Because Forky was not made with knees, he waddles. Ironically his Disney on Ice costume appearance does have knees so he could walk and skate properly.
    • The spoon and fork he's holding in his teaser poster say Pizza Planet on them.
    • His left foot later had a rainbow sticker added.
    • Forky holding the utensils also could be a reference to how WALL-E placed a spork between the spoons and forks.
    • He is the second spork to appear in a Pixar film, the first one being in WALL-E.
    • Forky is a spork from Pizza Planet (the official Funko POP! says "Pizza Planet" on the back).
    • Along with a majority of Bonnie's toys, despite being a main character in the fourth film, Forky doesn't interact with the other main characters. He only meets Gabby Gabby, Benson, and Bo Peep (very briefly).
    • Forky is the first toy character in the Toy Story series to be hand-crafted, the second being Karen Beverly.
    • Josh Cooley showed a picture of the character to his then-four-year-old son and asked for a suggestion on the name. The son said "Fork Face" but Cody replied "the fact that he's around the same age as Bonnie and didn't know what a spork was, I thought, 'That feels real to me.' So Forky felt like a kid would name him that."


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