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    "For the colony, and for oppressed ants everywhere!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Inventive Ant
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Ant
    Portrayed by: Dave Foley
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: A Bug's Life

    Flik is the main protagonist of Disney/Pixar’s 1998 animated comedy film A Bug’s Life. He's a kindhearted and thoughtful ant that has an intelligent mind who is an inventor and outcast among his colony.

    He was voiced by David Foley.

    Why He's a Truly Brave Ant

    1. Flik always wants to help out and be a great member to the colony. He strives to provide support, progression, and protection for his colony, and rid it of the grasshoppers domineering rule. His intentions were ambitious and of good nature only, even when he felt rejected and thought what he ever did was otiose, Dot motivated him back to his usual self, and he, Dot, and the circus bugs organized a risky plan in order to scare off the grasshoppers.
    2. He is a good inventor and has surprisingly quick thinking.
    3. He was actually nice to Atta, even if she didn't really feel the same at first until the film progresses.
    4. His voice was supplied nicely well by Dave Foley.
    5. His design looks quite cute and amazing.
    6. He shows a brave and daring side, like when he adventured out of Ant Island, and especially when he stands up to Hopper and explains what the ants truly are: those who do great things.
      • On top of that, he taught us that we should stand up for others.
    7. He gets along truly well with Dot. He also develops close friendships with the circus bugs during the course of the film.
    8. He even learned from all the mistakes he made throughout his life, and he had to do the right thing, thus making him an excellently developed character.
    9. He is an outstandingly motivational and optimistic speaker; his speech nearing the climax is the best example of this.
    10. Flik is also diligent and determined, as he works hard and refuses to give up, no matter the obstacles.

    Bad Qualities

    1. His greatest flaw is a relatable one, but still a flaw. After finding out his circus bug friends were not warriors, he tried to hide that fact in an attempt to avoid eternal shame ridicule. Trying to hide your mistakes doesn't solve them, and he was banished on the perceived notion of putting himself over the colony. He can't really be blamed for doing that though, because everyone already saw him as a blatant outlier and hazard.
    2. He can be super absorbed in what he's doing and not notice that what he's doing is putting others or himself in a dangerous situation. For example, when he was sailing aloft a dandelion strand he wasn't looking where he was heading as he said goodbye to Dot; this resulted in him being planted face-first in a rock.
      • Another two examples are when he accidentally got his fast grain-harvesting invention caught on a blade of grass, and he didn't notice and kept running, which resulted in him getting pulled back in a vast arch. Then when he hurried back to drop off his food to the offering pile, he dropped the invention under the rock, and a mechanism of the contraption shot off a small rock that was keeping the bigger rock up, which lead to all of the food falling into the water nearby.
        • It's good to keep in mind that he was in a hurry, just like everyone else, to get back in the anthill before the grasshoppers arrived, and that the whole incident with the food falling in the water was tied directly into the whole plot of the movie.


    • On Wickedbinge's Pixar Heroes: Good to Most Good, Flik was given the Gold Medal of Good, meaning that he was ranked as Pixar's most heroic protagonist.


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