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    Not to be confused with Felix the Cat.
    Fix-It Felix Jr.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Upbeat Movie Character
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Jack McBrayer
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Wreck-It Ralph

    Fix-It Felix Jr. is the tritagonist of Wreck-It Ralph and a major character of Ralph Breaks the Internet. He's the titular star of the classic arcade game Fix-It Felix Jr as a handyman. With his trusty magic hammer that was given by his father, Felix can fix and heal any damage or ailment hence his name. When he's not busy fixing, he's been praised for his heroism with pies and medals.

    Why He's Fix-It Felix Jr.

    1. As noticed before, Felix is charming, warm, gregarious, and well-loved by many in the arcade (mainly in his game). He's a definition of goodness since his role is fixing around Niceland. And he did took care of other video game characters beyond the game he comes from like letting Q*Bert live in his game or taken care of the rest of the Sugar Rush racers when Sugar Rush was plugged out due to a steering wheel problem.
    2. Felix was never unkind to Ralph who is the villain in the fictional game he comes from. It's because he felt emotionally comfortable enough with the bad guy to vent about his problems, and even his romantic relations. For evidence, Felix wasn't opposed to the idea of Ralph joining the Nicelanders' festivities despite knowing about the bad blood among heroes and villains in the arcade. So you see, Felix is the only one in his game to treat Ralph with respect.
      • Speaking of Ralph, Felix did wanted to go look for him after Q*Bert informed Felix that Ralph left his original game. In the end, Felix is more fond to Ralph.
    3. Because of the Nicelanders treating Felix like a king, he's not a Gary Stu. To prove this evidence, Felix faced many trials and tribulations that mirror Ralph's own experiences. Being rejected, treated like a criminal, and faced with both emotional and physical misfortune. Even he talked about his experiences to Ralph.
    4. With his magic hammer in hand, he can easily fix anything. Enough said by the way.
    5. Felix can provide some entertaining comedy like when he first met Sergeant Calhoun. Even Felix's love towards Calhoun goes further as it progresses. And yes, they did get married. So that goes to show you that the couple sounds odd at first glance, but it works well thanks to the movie.
      • Another instance would be his plan for Calhoun to beat up Felix just for the laffy taffys to get near them for a rescue.
    6. Depicted as a handyman who has a wholesome design, especially those who find him wholesome.
    7. Does display a lot of zeal in the films. No matter if he's doing his job as the playable character or even out of the job, Felix shows some optimism at certain moments.
    8. Jack McBrayer does an awesome job voicing him.
    9. His design is amazing and great.
    10. "I CAN FIX IT!"

    Bad Qualities

    1. Even if his ego never grew, he was pretty ignorant towards Ralph's feelings. Especially since he's plays as the hero for like 30 years.
    2. He can be naïve, especially when he acts childish and unrealistic.
    3. He got hardly any screen time in Ralph Breaks the Internet. Though he's still likeable.


    • In Latin, "Felix" means "lucky" and "successful".
    • Felix's name ends with Jr., which means that his father was most likely also named "Fix-it Felix", and possibly the protagonist of the original Fix-It Felix.
    • In The Art of Wreck-It Ralph, it shows changes in Fix-It Felix's appearance from a figure made of measuring rulers to a human wearing overalls to a human wearing a modern plumber's uniform.
    • Fix-It Felix has some facial similarities with his voice actor, Jack McBrayer.
    • Even though Felix wears a short-sleeved blue shirt and carries a golden hammer in the game (and in the film), the film shows that the Fix-It Felix Jr. game cabinet has pictures of him wearing a yellow shirt and carrying a normal hammer. This was common of arcade games in the early 80s, with game art rarely matching the colors of the in-game graphics.
    • In the junior novelization, when Mary is announcing the Nicelanders' favorite flavors and gets to Felix's, she isn't interrupted by Ralph like in the movie, so she reveals that Felix's favorite flavor is vanilla.
    • Early versions of Ralph Breaks the Internet had Felix and Calhoun joining Ralph and Vanellope in their journey to the Internet. Despite tweets from the production crew that Felix and Calhoun's marriage would play a large part in the sequel, their screen time was largely cut down. This was partially altered to keep the arcade relevant, runtime reasons, and due to the belief that having too many characters adventuring through the Internet would overwhelm the story.
    • Felix's main inspiration comes from Mario. Yes, the same Mario who happens to be Nintendo's mascot. Both of them also exist in the film's universe, as Felix says Mario is "fashionably late per the norm".
    • In the earliest stages of the film's development, Felix was actually the protagonist of the story, while Ralph served as a secondary foil. Writer Phil Johnston believed Ralph was the more compelling character to center a movie around, specifically in terms of character growth; Felix was demoted to a supporting role as a result but remained a prominent figure in the overall story.
    • In the console (Nintendo) version of the videogame adaptation, it's revealed that he is lactose intolerant, even if this is non-canon.
    • Felix was going to accompany Ralph, and later Vanellope, during their travels throughout Sugar Rush (then known as Candy Hollow). He assisted the duo in building Vanellope's kart by enduring King Candy's various mini-games and was also present when Vanellope introduced Ralph to her home in Diet Cola Mountain. When with Vanellope, Felix played very much along the lines of a responsible, albeit worrisome parent. Despite the fact that these early sequences played a pivotal role in identifying Felix's character, he was later dropped from a majority of Ralph and Vanellope's adventure, as the filmmakers felt his inclusion may distract from the development of their relationship.


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