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    Felicity Fox (Fantastic Mr. Fox, 2009)

    Felicity Fox
    If what I think is happening is happening, it better not be.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Tough spirited, yet caring and kind hearted wife/mother
    Voice of Reason
    Age: Adult
    Species: Fox
    Portrayed by: Meryl Streep
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'

    Mrs. Felicity Fox is the deuteragonist of Wes Anderson's 2009 Oscar-nominated, stop-motion animated film, Fantastic Mr. Fox. She is the wife of Mr. Fox.

    Why Her Movie Counterpart Is Fantastic

    1. Much like many characters from the book that appeared in the film, her personality became more improved and fleshed out when compared to her book counterpart, since she has less personality other than a nice and friendly wife who hardly calls out her husband for his actions and barely does anything useful other than escaping from the farmers with her family by digging and later inviting everyone to a dinner party for their new founded home while Mr Fox and his children get food, making her along with certain animal characters like Badger pretty much useless and filler in the book, when compared to her 2009 film counterpart where she did more than that and her personality noticeably changed to a honestly tough spirited, yet caring, highly intelligent and kindhearted wife who serves as the voice of reason to her husband and a loving mother to her son, Ash. Speaking of that, she even gets more screen time than her book counterpart, making her feel very depth and engaging compared to her book counterpart just like all the other animal characters (including the new characters like Kylie) in the film.
    2. She deeply cares about her family, including Ash who she loves very much and is always there for him when he needs her, and even her husband despite his flaws and her unlikable scenes with him, the reason why she disapproved Foxy’s thief actions after they moved into a tree because she and her husband were trapped in a trap on a farm and announced that she was pregnant with a cub in front of him.
    3. Due to her more fleshed out personality, she's shown to be more heroically strong and independent than her book counterpart, replacing her unnamed daughter from the book as the strong female role, examples of her being a strong independent lady are when she defends her son, Ash from Rat who is trying to kidnap him before being defeated by him and in the beginning of the film where she helps Foxy with stealing food from a farm.
    4. She's shown to be nice and friendly towards other animals aside from Ash and Foxy such as Agnes, who would later become her adopted daughter in the ending.
    5. Her movie design is very gorgeous and beautifully cute, especially with the yellow dress with tiny red apples all over it and her other two outfits involving her wearing long sleeved shirts and pants (the first one is her farm raid outfit from the beginning of the movie before Ash was born and the second one is her nightwear, consisting of a pink top with flowers at the top, pants that matches the colour of her shirt and a light brown wooly jacket).
    6. She has some memorable and heart-warming moments with her loved ones, such as cleaning the mud off Ash’s face with her tongue like a normal animal would do to their babies.
    7. Meryl Streep does a very great job voicing her, not to mention that her character as Mrs. Fox in this film got more personality and screen time, when compared to Steep’s performance as the Ant Queen from the Ant Bully (which is also an animated film based on a book that where Steep also starred in) where she's barely in that film most of the time as she only appears in two scenes and gets fewer lines when compared to Felicity Fox where she was a major character, making the Ant Queen a filler character that is totally wasted.
    8. She's shown to be an excellent landscape painter as her paintings are beautiful, especially the large paintings of the map in the climax.
    9. Her backstory about being a former partner in farm raiding with her husband before becoming a stay at home mother probably explains on why she doesn't go on farm raids to steal or hurt birds anymore and decided to go against it (even though hypocritical) unlike her husband.

    Bad Qualities

    1. While still maintaining her caring and kindhearted personality from the original book, she can be a bit mean spirited at times, such as the scene where she clawed her husband, Foxy in the face, leaving him with claw marks across his face (though she showed remorse for what she did) or telling him that she shouldn't have married him which caused him to walk away from her, which is very out-of-character of her since being a caring and kindhearted wife with much less personality, she would never do those sort of things to her husband in the 1970 book it was based on, even though justified since Foxy lied to her about stealing food from the three farmers which caused them to lose their tree, keep in mind that it was written that way just to give her character more depth.
      1. Not to mention is that these two scenes received backlash from several fans of the 1970 book for how much the romantic husband and wife relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Fox being ruined by the film’s writers by butchering her in a toxic wife manner in the film (even when she clearly has her original caring and loving personality) to the point where some say that Foxy deserves a better wife than her.
    2. Hypocrisy: After Ash was born, she began to disapprove Foxy’s theft ways even though in the beginning of the film, she helped her husband steal birds from a farm, and that was way before they had Ash.
    3. Despite having more screen time than her book counterpart, she rarely helps her husband or go to farms to get food (aside from the beginning) nor saving Kristofferson from the farmers, making her weaker than the other four major characters in the film, though not as much as her book counterpart.
    4. Despite being shown to be more badass than her book counterpart, she easily gets defeated by Rat when she tries to defend Ash from getting kidnapped.
    5. Her original 1970 book counterpart wasn't as good as her film counterpart, as she's pretty much useless and only there just for a plot device where she invites every other animals to a dinner party just like most of the animal characters like Badger who are just there for filler, thankfully, her 2009 film counterpart give her more personality and screen time.


    • In the book, she had four unnamed children; unlike the film, where she only has a son named "Ash" and a nephew named "Kristofferson".
    • In the film, Mrs. Fox makes promise her husband to not steal birds again when they were trapped and he raided Boggis, Bunce and Bean's farms behind her back. However, in the book, she was aware of him hunting the birds before his tail was shot off.


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