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    Fat Albert
    "Hey, Hey, Hey! It's Faaaat Albert!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Moralistic Teenager
    Age: 14
    Portrayed by: Bill Cosby (cartoon)
    Kenan Thompson (movie)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Fat Albert

    Albert Robertson, also known as Fat Albert, is the main protagonist of the Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids franchise. He is the leader of the defacto Junkyard gang and lead alto (by default) of the Junkyard Band.

    Why He Is the Leader of the Junkyard Gang

    1. Civic-minded and wise beyond his years, Fat Albert works hard to maintain integrity in the gang and with the other characters. 
    2. He is one of few representing African-American cartoon characters on television that is also the protagonist.
    3. He doesn't mind being called Fat Albert by his friends and family, even though the word fat isn't in his actual name.
    4. If anyone has a problem, he helps them by being an all-around good guy and civil person.
    5. He prides in the virtues of being honest, not bullying, and not stealing.
    6. He's pretty athletically inclined for someone his weight.
      • He runs pretty fast, even through wooden fences.
      • In "Good Ol' Dudes", he lifted the back of the car to prevent his friends from drowning in the stolen vehicle they inhabited.
      • In "Long Live The Queen", he was able to lift a heavy metal bridge temporarily that had a broken wire and that was still attached to the ceiling of his school's stage. Thanks to his quick thinking, he was able to save two students from that very bridge, even though they tried to hijack his friend's speech.
    7. He is an amazing singer and musician, being the lead singer as well as bagpipe-accordion (made from a funnel, radiator and an airbag) player in the Junkyard Band and on occasion, plays the bedspring.
    8. Bill Cosby did an excellent job voicing him and Kenan Thompson did a great performance portraying him in the 2004 live-action movie.

    Fat Qualities

    1. He tends to be a hypocrite, warning his friends about the dangers of junk food despite his eating addiction, although his point still stands.
    2. Even though he is selfless, some of his actions tend to be to risky for someone his age, (depending on the scenario).
    3. In the episode "Playing Hookey", he skipped school to play Hookey with his friends (except Dumb Donald), though thankfully he and his friends learned their lesson and never did that same mistake again.


    • According to Bill Cosby, Albert is based on his childhood friend Albert Robertson.


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