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    Evil the Cat (Earthworm Jim)

    Evil the Cat
    "Hahahaha! Now, foolish worm! I shall rule the universe!!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Satanic Sadist (in the first game)
    Underhanded yet Comedic Villain (in the animated series)
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Cat
    Portrayed by: Edward Hibbert (1995-6 cartoon)
    Status: Immortal
    Media of origin: Earthworm Jim

    Evil the Cat is one of the villains from the Earthworm Jim series and one of the main antagonists in the animated series of Earthworm Jim. He is the manifestation of evil, often seen enjoying the suffering of others in his own world. In spite of his status as a purely evil villain, Evil occasionally shows the behavior of a real cat, such as licking himself or playing with a ball of yarn when he gets bored; he'll actually stop to groom himself a bit in between shots of his huge fireball gun.

    He rules over the volcanic Planet Heck (residing elsewhere only for the hottest months). Molding Planet Heck to his own vision of heinous perfection, the planet is covered with spiked walls and precariously placed cliffs and ridges. The planet is also full of fiery pits and drops, which Evil has filled with all things evil he's found across the universe, ranging from Shadow Demons and rabid Lawyers to elevator music. Evil wants to claim Jim's Super Suit as his own, to further conquer the galaxy and paint it more infernal.

    In the animated series, Evil concentrates more on destroying the universe rather than obtaining Jim's suit (even though one episode began with Evil stealing Jim's suit in an attempt to destroy him). He has been continuously thwarted by such forces as origami, the Department of Apocalyptic Affairs, and even the cartoon's budget running out. "A minor setback" is Evil's usual response to his misfortunes. He is frequently assisted, but more often annoyed, by his aide Henchrat.

    In the animated series, he is voiced by Edward Hibbert

    Why He's Wonderfully Evil

    1. As his name implies, he's a villainous cat who was born with no heart and the personification of evil, and wherever something is good, it is his job to eliminate it. He also does a good job at posing a credible threat to Jim whenever he gets the chance and opportunity to be fearsome, especially in the first game!
    2. Despite his incompetence and his power-hungry nature in the cartoon, he (alongside many villains) often proves himself smarter than Earthworm Jim, as he has often been the only one who has managed to deceive Jim at many occurrences, regardless of whether it working or not.
    3. While he is a recurring character in the cartoon, he alongside Psy-Crow and Professor Monkey-For-A-Head, often steal the show by his failed attempts to defeat Earthworm Jim for ruling the galaxy. Which usually comes off as very amusing and entertaining to watch.
    4. With this in mind, despite being sadistic, he always receives comeuppance for his villainous misdeeds at the end of the day.
    5. In his very introduction from the first Earthworm Jim game, he was smart enough to build a large fire ray to attack Jim to be set at a fixated angle that is very challenging to dodge the projectiles Evil fires at you. At the same time, he's very formidable and agile when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, being very much a wild carnivorous beast who can attack Jim very easily and quickly if you don't shoot Evil fast enough, and he relies on all of his nine lives to keep him safe before getting shot. This makes him fairly intimidating to the point where his attacks keep you on your feet, especially for how challenging it is to defeat him.
    6. Speaking of his personality, in the games and the animated series, has a lively edge to his villainy that adds a certain charm to him. Where you see him dancing with pure joy in the level, What the Heck, all while Jim is roaming around the planet Heck, and in the animated series, he's depicted as hammy, maniacal, expressive, underhanded, cunning, sarcastic, sadistic, power-hungry, and opportunistic towards his single-minded goal for ruling the universe.
    7. He is such a mastermind, he can think up and set up his traps and schemes without the help of anyone to do so despite being fallible.
    8. As seen in the episode, "Evil In Love", this was the first time we get to see Evil the Cat having a cute romantic relationship with Malice the Dog, someone who's just as evil as him. He, albeit begrudgingly, did something nice for his subordinate Henchrat like treating him with respect by giving him a massage; all just to impress Malice the Dog (especially since Evil typically kicks Henchrat around and the latter felt genuinely disrespected for once).
      • When Malice first started to show how much she cares about Evil after telling him how her own tv show takes place in another universe; Evil was caring and kind enough to tell Malice how her TV career was more important than being in a relationship with him. This makes him pretty selfless despite being a satanic feline, even Earthworm Jim himself says "I just wanna squash him, but I just don't have the heart.", making Evil all the more likable.
    9. Edward Hibbert does a great job voicing him. Giving him an elegant-sounding voice with a notable lisp and rolling his S's as a snake would, making his voice all the more enjoyable to listen to.
    10. He provides many enjoyable, entertaining, and humorous quotes/one-liners, these include:
      • "Why are you talking like that?"
      • "Did I mention, I'm not a cat?"
      • "Just give me the book you FAT-head!"
      • "I can tell that I'm going to hate this."
      • "The things I go through just for destroying the universe."
      • "A minor setback."

    Bad Qualities

    1. In the animated series, he's a very pitiful and fallible schemer who had many incompetent moments despite his villainous behavior, but he's still fairly assured of how he's in fact, a true threat to Jim, yet a lot of his plans tend to backfire on him a lot.
      • Unsurprisingly, he can be very abusive, rude, grumpy, and abrasive.
      • While he's just as savvy as many villains like Evil Jim, Queen Slug For A Butt, and Psy-Crow, he sometimes doesn't think things through some of his villainous actions and plans when it comes to what he'll achieve. One good example is the episode when he tries spreading stinky and foul air all around the planet, Malaethorian Sinks, by setting up a hologram device to project a vast vacuum funk in the sky. When Evil describes his plan to destroy the universe, one of his subordinates, Henchrat, then asks him what will he do next after he achieves that plan, and Evil shares how he doesn't know what else to do aside from gloating or cackling over the ashes of the universe being destroyed.
    2. Just like Ren, Stimpy, Crash Bandicoot, and the Road Runner who share the same problem with their creative character designs, he barely looks like what he's supposed to be, a cat. Especially since he hardly even looks anything like a cat, he looks more like a mutated rodent with pointy fangs than a cat.


    External Links


    • Evil made his debut in a 1991 comic written by Doug TenNapel called They Called Him Evil, which shows that Evil had a pet owner named Wenzel.
    • According to the instruction manual for Earthworm Jim 2, Evil has a cousin named Flagitious, who runs "The Circus of the Scars". During Heck's summer off-season, Evil switches jobs with Flagitious and runs the circus himself.
    • In "Evil in Love", an episode of the animated series, Evil the Cat fell in love with a fellow villain named Malice The Dog. However, she abandoned him at the end of the episode to star in her own television series.
    • He also has the most appearances out of all the villains in the animated series, appearing in almost every episode, except for the following episodes: The Anti-Fish, Darwin's Nightmare, The Exile of Lucy, Peanut of the Apes, and For Whom the Jingle Bell Tolls.
    • Because he is immortal, Evil can never be destroyed. However, he can be temporarily defeated... his ways and past are shrouded by myth and darkness.


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