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    Entrapta (Netflix reboot)

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    Entrapta (Netflix Reboot)
    Imperfection is beautiful. At least, to me.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Anti-heroic Genius
    Age: 27-28
    Species: Etherian
    Portrayed by: Christine Woods
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

    Entrapta is the princess of Dryl. She is one of the Non-Elemental Princesses.

    Why She Rocks

    1. She is a morally grey princess who has a special interest in technology, particularly the technology of the First Ones, a stark contrast to her 1980s counterpart, who was not just a villain, but a generic minion of the villain with no real motives for working for the Horde who barely even has much of an impact on the series (she literally only appears for 4 episodes).
    2. Her character design is much better than her 1980s counterpart, as it's more creative (as in the original, all the characters having the same body proportions with the literal only things separating them from looking the exact same were their hair and clothes) and fitting for her character. She's also very adorable.
    3. The other princesses dismiss her as weird and make her feel unwelcome in the Rebellion, which is what causes her to go to the Horde (also because they have more First Ones technology). This decision, while disloyal, is actually surprisingly understandable as she didn't feel like she belonged in the Rebellion in the first place (so her believing Catra when she lied to her about the other princesses deliberately abandoning her was all the more hard to blame her for), and since she had been offered her dream job; working with technology.
    4. Despite her high energy and poor social skills, she's a true genius, ass he's built her own line of robots, for both the Rebellion, and the Horde.
    5. While she doesn't use magic like the other members of the Rebellion (excluding Bow and Sea Hawk), she makes up for it with her amazing prehensile hair.
    6. She later gains a friend in Hordak while in the Horde, who treats her better than any of the princesses did, and is able to bring out his good side.
    7. In season 5, when she rejoins the Rebellion, she makes sure she's doing it for real this time when she finds out that the other princesses still care about her and were saddened when they thought she died. After they call her out for holding her tech above them and betraying her for the Horde, she becomes truly committed rather than working with them to further her research.

    Bad Qualities

    1. While she's a nice person, she had a rather, odd morality. She sees nothing wrong with working for the Horde as long as they give her things to work with. She was unfazed when Hordak sent Catra on what he admitted was a suicide mission and when Hordak confided in her about his past as an intergalactic conqueror under Horde Prime. That being said, she was against opening the portal upon learning it could end Etheria and later redeemed her disloyalty and lack of a moral compass.
    2. Her voice can get annoying after a while.
    3. She has been known to steal small objects like others' food and tools for her research.


    • Entrapta exclusively consumes tiny food and fizzy drinks.
    • Her actions and personality in the show follows the "bumbling genius" trope.
    • Entrapta's astrological sign is Aquarius, also known as the water bearer.
    • She is the only princess who hasn't directly harmed anyone.
    • She is a princess who does not have a Runestone, which is what makes her a non-elemental princess.
    • She is the only known princess to not use magic.
    • She is the most intelligent princess.
    • Although Entrapta does not hold a Runestone, she is able to manipulate and use her hair for anything she wants. It's unclear as to how she is able to do this and as of now is the only person to have this ability.
    • Entrapta was shown to have a family portrait with two robotic parents. It's unknown if they are alive now. It's also possible that Entrapta was born as a princess but the King and Queen passed away and she created two parents (maybe based on her birth parents) as she was shown holding a tool in the portrait. It could also be Dryl was run by her parents and she was adopted as a child and became a princess. As there is very little information about her past there are many possibilities.
    • Entrapta seems to know how to cook as she made Hordak soup after he collapsed. However as he refused to eat and Imp smelled it before screeching and covering his nose, it's possible she may not be a great chef.
    • Entrapta had freckles when she was young, shown in the portrait of when she was younger.


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