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    Emily the Stirling Engine (Seasons 7, 11, 17-24)

    Emily the Stirling Engine
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    "Emily, really knows her stuff"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Kind, Helpful, and Mature Engine
    Species: Train
    Portrayed by: Teresa Gallagher (UK)
    Jules de Jongh (US)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Thomas & Friends

    Emily the Stirling Engine is an anthropomorphic Stirling Single tender engine who works on the Main Line and is a supporting character in the British TV series, Thomas and Friends.

    Why She Really Knows Her Stuff

    1. She is one of the most iconic engines on the show.
    2. Emily is portrayed as a kind, helpful, mature, and supportive older sister figure, making her likable and a fan favorite.
    3. She has an excellent character design.
    4. Emily has shown herself to do many good things, such as being the voice of reason or helping other people.
      1. In "What's the Matter With Henry?", she realized that Henry was not feeling well, so she decided to help him get the job done.
      2. In "A Blooming Mess", seeing Mavis feeling down (she assumed she was sad), she tried to make her feel better. Let it be known that this happened during her flanderization.
      3. In her debut episode, she saved Oliver from getting hit by Thomas.
    5. She is voiced brilliantly by Jules de Jongh and Teresa Gallagher.
    6. Like Thomas, when she sees the trouble she caused, she will usually strive to fix it immediately, showing she can learn from her mistakes.
      1. She is shown to get along well with other engines like him too.
    7. Her friendship with Nia and Rebecca is shown to be interesting, considering that they're the only female engines on the Steam Team.
    8. Emily cares for her friends at Tidmouth Sheds and hates seeing them feeling down.
    9. Even during her flanderization, she can still have her pleasant moments.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She was horribly flanderized in seasons 8–10 and S14-16 as she became bossy, impatient, rude, naggy, and disrespectful to others. While S11 looked like they were getting herself redeemed, it started over again in S14. Thankfully, she majorly redeemed herself in season 17 after her flanderization.
    2. She was very unlikable in Calling All Engines as she was constantly rude to Thomas in her shed and would always wish it was for herself.
    3. She's been criticized by fans for being in Duck spot in the Steam Team, but there was a good reason of why that was done, just so there is a female in the Steam Team.


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