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    Emily "Emmy" (Dragon Tales)

    Emily "Emmy"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Smart and friendly leader
    Age: 6
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Andrea Libman
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Dragon TalesBTVSW

    Emily "Emmy" is the sister of Max and the main 6 year old co-protagonist of Dragon Tales. She commonly appears as the leader of the group until she gave her position to Enrique while helping him get used to Dragon Land. She is Max's older sister. Her best friend is Cassie, and she is perhaps known for saying, "Definitely!" whenever a good idea arises.

    Why She Rocks

    1. She is a likable protagonist, being the friendly, helpful leader of her friends.
    2. While she does like to do things girls normally do, she also likes to do games and sports, as well as different activities.
    3. While she’s a good leader, she’s also impulsive and doesn't always think before she acts, but it’s a good thing since she’s still just a kid, and she learns from her mistakes to become a better leader.
    4. She can be bossy sometimes, but it’s shown the right way unlike most mean girls, and that does lead to her getting some growth whenever she learns a lesson from being too bossy to her brother and friends.
    5. She passes on her leader skills to Enrique in season 3, learning that she can trust a good friend to lead them in adventures.
    6. She’s a good friend to Enrique and the dragons, Ord, Zac, Wheezie, and Cassie, and is always there for them.
    7. She has a great friendship with her best friend, Cassie, and always helps her out in many situations.
    8. While understandably jealous of him at times, Emmy loves her little brother, Max, very much and is always there for him, as they have a good sibling bond.
    9. Andrea Libman did an amazing job voicing her.
    10. "Definitely!"

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. She was somewhat unlikable in "No Hitter", when she didn’t let Max pitch in the Dragon Ball game, even though she said he could back home, apparently forgetting, and they fight, which also led to Max hitting her in that episode. But she definitely wasn’t as bad as Max.
    2. She was caught making out with Max one time.


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