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    I'm not the hardiest fighter you will ever meet, but I will prove my use.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Knight of Lycia
    Age: 17 (Blazing Blade)
    37 (Binding Blade)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese)
    Yuri Lowenthal (English)
    Status: Unknown
    Media of origin: Fire Emblem

    Eliwood is one of the three main characters of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade and the father of Roy (the main character of The Binding Blade). He was born in the noble house of Pherae and the best friend of Hector. In accordance with a warrior's tradition, the children of the lords were ordered by Erik of Laus to cut their hands and shake them with one other child of their choosing. Eliwood and Hector chose each other, and, as they grew older, their friendship developed as well, with them sparring since the age of twelve once every two months.

    Why He Rocks

    1. Being an idealistic pacifist, he has a charismatic disposition as well as natural talents which gives him the best leadership skills. No wonder why there are three main characters in Binding Blade!
    2. Many of his conversations allow him to be portrayed as a smooth and polite person. He's casual and does not judge people at all. Instead, he looks at people for who they are and cares about all of the soldiers in the army.
    3. During the battle, he is very determined to achieve his goals. One of his goals is to find his father and then avenge the death of his father.
    4. He thinks that everyone in his group is irreplaceable as friends. No matter what gender, age, or social status. If he became your friend, you would be irreplaceable to him and that be nice.
    5. Being a lord, he would rather not treat him as a lord and instead be seen as an equal. He wouldn't want to brag about his status and instead be the Eliwood that he was meant to be without any hesitation.
    6. As a leader, he is good at being both a leader and a friend. Think about this, if you were a leader of your own pack or group project, would it be grand to be more than just a leader?
    7. He doesn't deny his physical limitations. However, he believes that he would rather remain put on the battlefield as if he feels that he must fight. Eliwood has reasons for that which consists of his leadership and his belief how fighting is a duty he can't stop from.
    8. For someone who deals with his physical frailty among other problems he faces, he does not shy away from forming meaningful bonds with the members of his army. He's got the listening skills to see the concerns of his troops.
    9. In a conversation with Fiora, he is shown to be aware of the inescapable difference between his status and those who are not born into nobility. He goes into a feat where he learns more about the mercenary culture of Ilia Fiora is born into as a method of empathizing with her struggles.
      • Has a similar moment with Ninian as he trusted her even after she hinted that she is hiding something important from him.
      • Also pretty much did the same with Lyn as well. Eliwood liked her the way she is. In the conversation, Lyn explained how she felt insecure about her noble heritage.
    10. Is able to wield the Durandal which is a legendary weapon that is effective against dragons and wyverns. Fire Emblem Heroes has another variant called the Ardent Durandal which he also has in possession in his Blazing Knight alt.
    11. Has a good friendship with Hector. Ever since a young age, they spared for every two much with an almost even record of wins and losses. You know, best friends. Though we did mention this earlier in his bio.
    12. At the end of Blazing Blade, he managed to succeed his father as the marquess of Pherae. His personality and guidance made his father equal in all eyes.
      • He can have alternate endings where he gets one with either Lyn, Ninian, or Fiora.
    13. In the manga Hasha no Tsurugi, he does attempt to help reform the Lycia Alliance amidst a rebellion led by Kruzard. He then later works with Cecilia in sending Al's group to the Western Isles to investigate the Etruian governments' corruption on the Isles. Though he does have a minor role, we thought we could mention it.
    14. Not as extensive as Hector's or Lyn's arc, he does face character development. He learns to come to terms with the harsh realities of the world while still keeping his morals.
    15. The scene where Eliwood witnessed his father's death is touching.
    16. Eliwood's role in Binding Blade is pretty sympathetic. He got a wife that was deceased during the game and he had poor health in that game which prevented him from fighting against bandits who were raiding towns.

    Bad Qualities

    1. It's unclear what happened to him in The Binding Blade after the end of the game. If Roy does succeed him as a Marquess Pherae, did he die or did he manage to live?
    2. Can frequently be seen as either naive or that kind of person who needs protection.
    3. Had struggled with his physical frailty as well as what he has gone through.
    4. Compared to Lyn and Hector, he has no stat that he truly excels.


    • His name possibly comes from the Germanic name elements of "elf" and "wood", meaning wood of elves as a possible reference to Avalon. Avalon is a legendary island where King Arthur supposedly went to be healed after his last battle. Alternatively, the name 'Elwood' means 'elder tree forest' in Old English.
    • A character named Eliwood was originally supposed to appear in the canceled Fire Emblem: Ankoku no Miko for the Nintendo 64, where he was the father of a character named Ephraim.
    • According to a support conversation between Marcus and Lilina in The Binding Blade, Eliwood once disappeared for three days from Pherae and returned with a flower from the "snowy highlands". He presented this flower to his unnamed wife when he returned.


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