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    This page is dedicated to Roberto Gómez Bolaños (1929-2014), El Siempre Sera Padrisisisisisimo

    El Chavo del Ocho
    ""Eso, eso, eso, eso, eso!""
    Gender: Male
    Type: Poor boy
    Age: 8
    Species: "Human"
    Portrayed by: Roberto Gómez Bolaños (original series)

    Jesús Guzmán (cartoon version)

    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: El Chavo del OchoBTVSW

    El Chavo del Ocho (lit. The Boy of the Eight), or just Chavo for short is the main protagonist of the popular Mexican series El Chavo del Ocho, created and performed by Roberto Gómez Bolaños.

    Porque el es padrisisisisisimo (Why he is Cool!)

    1. He is a good-hearted boy, always helping others when they ask for their help.
    2. He has a tragic past, being a poor and orphaned boy who suffers from hunger.
    3. Even though he can sometimes be rude and aggressive to his friends, even adults ones (see BQ#1), he treats everyone pretty well most of the times and considers everyone in the vencidad to he his friends, even the ones who sometimes beat him or treat him badly like Don Ramón and Doña Florinda, similar to SpongeBob SquarePants.
      1. In one episode he shows that he is able to forgive even a criminal by praying that he will repent for his actions and become good.
    4. His stupidity is often funny and entertaining.
    5. He is creative, building several toys on his own.
    6. Roberto Gómez Bolaños does a wonderful performance as him, just like he does with El Chapulín Colorado.
    7. He is basically the Mickey Mouse of Mexico and Brazil television, being one of the main media icons in Latin America.
    8. Many of his phrases and gestures are memorable and funny.
      1. "Eso! Eso! Eso!" (That's true, that's true, that's true!)
      2. "Se me chiposteó"
      3. "Y zás, zás, zás!"
      4. "Fue sín querer queriendo!" (It was unintentionally wanting!)
      5. "Pi, pi, pi, pi..." (His own mode of crying just like SpongeBob has his own mode of laughing.)
    9. He was responsible for helping to popularize Tortas de Jamón (a traditional Mexican ham sandwiche) outside Mexico.
    10. Even though he annoys everyone in the vencidad with his stupidity and clumsiness, everyone cares about him, even Doña Florinda at times, and he can be considered the "glue that sticks everyone together".
    11. He is easily recognized by his hat and barrel, which are iconic.
    12. He proves to be a good boyfriend for Paty.
    13. His character design is also very well done in the animated version of the show, just like the other characters.
    14. His first brazilian voice actor Marcelo Gastaldi did a perfect work voice acting him, turning iconic and more remembered by the brazilian fans.
      • Like many characters like Woody Woodpecker and Chris Rock, his inonic phrases became unforgettable memes (as said in WHIP#8), most of them are in Brazil, like "Já chegou o Disco Voador!" ("Here comes the Flying Saucer") and "Teria sido melhor ir ver o filme do Pelé!" ("It would have been better to go see Pelé's film!"), in the last one's case, he mentions the Chespirito movie "El Chanfle" in the original version.

    Se me chispoteo (Bad Qualities)

    1. Sometimes he is very rude and aggressive to his friends, with moments when he acts like a bully threatening to beat (or beating) Quico, Ñoño, La Chilindrina and occasionally Popis and Godínez.
      • Chavo's occasional bullying towards Ñoño can be seen as mean-spirited since he is one of the few kids that treat him nicely (in the live-action series, at least). Same goes about Godínez.
      • He can also be a bit of a hypocrite, as he always claims that men should never hit a woman, despite often trying to hit La Chilindrina and sometimes Popis himself.
      • He has also a bad habit of occasionally disrespecting adults like Don Ramón, Señor Barriga, Professor Jirafales, Doña Florinda, Doña Clotilde and occasionally Doña Nieves and Jaimito el Cartero, though it's sometimes actually justified.
    2. He is easily manipulated by La Chilindrina, sometimes doing mean things that she does not want to risk doing.
    3. While still a great and iconic character, he can get annoying at times for his stupidity and occasional aggressiveness towards his friends.
    4. His name can be laughable.
    5. For some reason, his hair color is brown in the animated version, despite being originally black, that might because his hair is always hidden in his iconic hat.
    6. Speaking of the animated series, he was bit flanderized and became much dumber and more stupid than in the live-action to the point where it can get more annoying than funny. But, like Don Ramón and Godínez, he didn't too see much decline in character and is still likable for the most part.


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