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    Edward the Blue Engine (seasons 1-10, 17-24)

    Edward the Blue Engine
    "People say I'm old-fashioned, but I don't care. Sir Topham Hatt says I'm a useful engine".
    Gender: Male
    Type: Old, Wise, and Fatherly Tender Engine
    Species: 4-4-0 ex-Furness Railway K2 Class Locomotive
    Portrayed by: Keith Wickham (UK)
    William Hope (US)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Railway Series
    First appearance: The Railway Series No.1: The Three Railway Engines

    Edward is a blue mixed-traffic tender engine, and one of the main characters of Thomas & Friends.

    Why He Wants to Help and Share

    1. He was the first character ever created for the Railway Series by the Reverend W. Awdry.
    2. He is very gentle and kind-hearted despite his old age.
    3. He is very wise and often gives advice to the younger engines.
    4. He can be sarcastic and blunt at times, as seen in "Old Reliable Edward", which is done in the best way possible.
    5. His voice-acting in the UK and US dubs is adorable and fits his character.
    6. He helped to build the North Western Railway back when Sodor was beginning a new railway.
    7. He has great episodes like "Edward and Gordon", Cows, "Old Iron", "Edward's Exploit", "Old Reliable Edward", and "Hunt the Truck".
    8. Despite being kind and wise, Edward has also shown a stern side where he isn't shy to call out those for foolishness.
    9. He knows how to keep Bill and Ben in order, despite his old age.
    10. Despite going through bad situations, as seen in "Edward's Exploit", he always manages to make his way out.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He suffered flanderization two times.
      • In the Sharon Miller era, he is often out of character, like in the infamous episode "Edward Strikes Out", where he is mean to a new crane named Rocky. The real Edward would never be like that, and this is the only time he had this mean spirited side in that episode, because he sided up with Gordon because of him calling Rocky a "new fangled nonsense", which was against both characters, Gordon and Edward.
      • He was badly flanderized in season 11 as he became more of a coward and this would be that way until Season 17, when he redeemed himself.
      • Prior to being flanderized in season 11, Season 9’s infamous "Saving Edward" shows Edward being portrayed as a full-of-self-doubt engine.
    2. He wasn't in Thomas and the Magic Railroad because of the fact that there was not enough screen time or opportunity to utilise him in a way that would have added any real value to the film, making it clear that this film had a very rushed and problematic production.
    3. Sadly, Edward along with Henry, and Toby were removed from the Main Characters in placement of two pointless characters, Nia and Rebecca.
    4. His face in season 12 looks completely lifeless and downright creepy.


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