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    Dudley Puppy
    "Always tell the truth, never take stuff that doesn't belong to you, and don't chew your butt in public." And then he chews his butt anyway.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Extremely Dim-witted and Airheaded Action-Hero
    Species: Dog
    Portrayed by: Jerry Trainor
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: T.U.F.F. Puppy

    Dudley Donald Puppy is the overall titular main protagonist of T.U.F.F. Puppy. Although he is still just a puppy, Dudley has the heart of a pack of full-grown dogs. He supposedly has no fear and hates wearing pants, despite that he wears them in some episodes. Reared on his mother's strict morals, he was brought up strong, goodhearted, and destined to stop all badness and meanness in its tracks! Now if only he could figure out how to follow that last rule.

    Why He Is a T.U.F.F Puppy

    1. He is well-meaning to the entire community of T.U.F.F. Although he's very stupid for the most part, at the end of the day, he still manages to be a good character.
    2. His voice actor, Jerry Trainor, does an incredible job at voicing him as his goofy voice to go along with his simple-minded attitude manages to fit his character very well.
    3. He is very well-animated and detailed like most of Butch Hartman's cartoon characters.
    4. He is a great teammate in the T.U.F.F. membership and a great teammate to Kitty Katswell as the two characters have good chemistry (with a few exceptions).
    5. His action scenes are always awesome and satisfying to watch.
    6. In spite of his massive stupidity, he is very strong, skilled and he's truly destined to stop evil.
    7. Some of his lines are iconic, his best being, "Hi Gee Gee".
    8. He can be quite humorous as a character in general and proves himself to be really funny on occasion.
    9. Unlike most Butch Hartman shows that get bad seasons and end terribly (excluding the graphic novel for Danny Phantom as a finale) his namesake program had its last episode end the series on a high note.

    Not So "T.U.F.F" Qualities

    1. Sometimes, he can get very annoying and unlikable, especially for how childish and idiotic he gets.
      • In "Sob Story", he pulls his nose hairs to make himself cry just to get people to pity him do what he wants.
      • In "Top Dog", he accidentally almost killed the Chief with his flea collar twice, and when he covered for him, he acted abusive toward Kitty, Keswick, and all the other agents.
      • In "Frisky Business", he acts totally irresponsible while his mother was out for the weekend to the point where he couldn't do simple tasks like take out the trash, wash clothes, or even turn on a light. He even treated Kitty like a butt-monkey.
      • In "Dead or a Lie", he, alongside the Chameleon, lied about the latter poisoning the former with two cupcakes, just so Kitty could care for Dudley during his "final moments".
    2. He strangely never received any character development and has no backstory aside from his job title. Then again, he is from an episodic series.


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